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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Sixty days now, until Easter, but first we’re concentrating on Ash Wednesday, because he who begins well will end well. Amidst all our care for our sick, we’ve also been planning for the Church’s “annual checkup,” our hospital visit which is in a sense a quarantine, Lent. (The word means “Forty Days.”) Hope you won’t have to be dragged in, kicking and screaming! Doctor—Dr. Jesus—knows best. These forty days are designed for healing of body, as well as soul. Look forward to the cure, plan your own program generously, thoughtfully and with prayer. Check with the Blessed Mother. In a week and a half we meet for ashes.

In the meantime, Fr. McKenna kindly collected Fr. Cekada from TriHealth Rehabilitation Hospital where he received excellent care. They gave him a very warm sendoff. He will continue his rehabilitation exercises at the rectory, and hopes soon to return to the altar, and to his beloved choir and organ. He has been sick for so long. Thank you for your concern, and the charity of your continued prayers.

I was glad to have both Fr. McGuire and Fr. Lehtoranta with me last Sunday. Attendance has been sluggish since Candlemas, but we all three clergy were kept busy with blessing throats, a Baptism, and pastoral matters as well as the standard Masses, sermons and Confessions. Fr. McGuire is in Milwaukee today and then down to Tampa to visit the seminary as “extraordinary confessor.” Our own four are doing well.

On top of everything else, Fr. Nkamuke stopped to buy groceries on his way back from Mass last week and his computer, phone, and some cash and chargers were stolen. We sent him some emergency help to tide him over. Donations for Nigeria always gratefully received.

Fr. McKenna tells a neat tale of what we call “a Gertrudian moment” at St. Anthony Chapel in Dallas on Candlemas. Just as Father left the sacristy to begin the candle blessing, the lights went out. No tragedy for a Gertrudian, to be sure. All was done simply but correctly by candlelight. Fr. McKenna even chanted the responsories in a psalm tone as he led the little congregation outdoors in procession. As they reentered “church” the lights, on their own, came back on, and Mass proceeded as usual. The Holy Ghost or an angel was at the light switch. And it was a nice treat for those faithful to assist at a rarely seen and impressive ceremony.

I hope you all had a happy, lovely St. Valentine’s Day Friday. Tomorrow is “Presidents Day.” Believe me they weren’t saints. But all the more reason to pray for our beloved land. Oh, of course, celebrate a bit with some pre-Lenten goodies at the Bake Sale, won’t you?

Blessed Sunday, blessed week!
– Bishop Dolan