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Lent II

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
How is your Lent going so far? Fast tempo, I’ll bet. The Russian Orthodox convert, Catherine de Hueck, wrote in last Sunday’s meditation that Lent slowly unfolds its music. But all of a sudden, we’re at the final verse. One of the Fathers noted that Thursday would be only a month until Palm Sunday! But make each day count in some way, and you’ll be ready for the Holy Week countdown to Easter.

I thought the first Ember Day of Spring, Wednesday, would cinch the end of Winter, but it came back a bit Friday, like the Tempter who never easily gives up. But Christ in us wins the victory (St. Felicity says), as inevitably as the warm sunny weather will return.

It’s time again for the very best gift you can give your children: one weekday at church to pray and be instructed and to be fed by Our Lord Himself, maybe to help them save their soul. Please let us know they’ll be coming, and pray that not a one misses. “If you knew the Gift of God…” Pray too for our young families to be regular in their duties of Sunday Mass and catechism for the children.

Sunday’s short Stations started well, with a good crowd. We had a wonderful first Friday Evening of Recollection, with the Way of the Cross and more. The Lenten dinner was so good there were no leftovers. Clean plate club!

Fr. Cekada’s march towards recovery from stroke is a bit like the weather these days, firmly, surprisingly even, he is moving forward to Spring. How happy we were to see him at the High Mass last Sunday. How happy he was to make it. The therapists, and my own eyes, report good progress. God hears our prayers. So pray.

Fr. Lehtoranta is in Milwaukee today, and Fr. McKenna finishing up a long and punishing mission run in Dallas. But we’ll all be here for the children on Wednesday, and hope your children will be as well. Surprise the Lord this week by coming to an extra Mass “just because.” If you read, quietly and well, your Lenten book, you’ll want to.

May the Holy Face of Jesus shine upon you!

– Bishop Dolan