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Easter Sunday

Altar of Repose, 2020

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Blessed Easter to you all: our dear ones sheltering in place, our faithful here today and all week, sheltering in the shadow of His wings; our sick and shutin, our guests and visitors (yes, we’ve been welcoming them all the way through), our “essential workers” (never more true than now) whether in kitchen, cleaning or sacristy, and of course our faithful servers and choir. I could almost include as well our Faithful Departed, hearing our prayers and helping us from Eternity, where troubles are no more. Happy Easter!

These lines are penned in anticipation of Easter and its happiness, on “Spy Wednesday.” Sounds up to date, doesn’t it, with people encouraged to snitch on neighbors? Well, nothing can touch the Paschal Peace of the heart set in Christ, which sometimes enjoys an anticipation of Heavenly bliss, and sometimes Gethsemane or Calvary. God’s Holy Will be done. “I arose and am still with you.”

Make a point to thank all of those who have helped to make Lent go on, quite as usual (it did!) and Holy Week, even more so. Great meals, beautiful devotions, great attendance! Palm Sunday with our young servers went off without a hitch with Heaven’s help, and the magnificent presence of the mule, Dancer. The Mass is a mixture of solemn triumph, and deep sorrow, like these plague days, as well.

But make it a point, as you pray for mercy, to thank God for giving it to you. This is true anticipation, in the best sense of the word, like Easter joy on Holy Saturday. “Thank God ahead of time!” as Fr. Solanus Casey, OFM Cap, would say. Ask with so much confidence that you also say thanks.

Fr. Cekada is sounding—and feeling—more and more like his old self. The doctor says he has made great progress in his therapy. They are possibly keeping him for a few days longer this week, to continue the good work. While we are all eager for his return, I know that Father also most of all wants as much recovery as the good Lord wills. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Tonight, Easter night, Our Lord goes to visit His Apostles, hidden away with lock and bolt, for fear of the Jews. He does not forget them, but speaks to them kindly, dispels their fears, and proves His risen presence. Come, Lord Jesus.

God bless you this Easter and always.
–Bp. Dolan