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Easter II

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
What with all of the news of late, I’ve gotten away from my opening weather report. But how’s this for a noncontroversial opening? Cold days this past week, and then a bit of welcome sun on Wednesday. Fr. Cekada got his full ten minutes on a warm afternoon. If only people got their “sun baths” regularly and supplemented the D supply, as needed, with supplements, what a healthier place this world would be. But it was never really about health, was it?

Thursday it rained, but it was a perfect April rain, calming, quiet, calling forth the flowers of May. Fr. Cekada has, once again, been making good progress in his recovery. Each little step is a thrill. He and I enjoyed a busy but calm day. Thanks be to God. The therapists are keeping him busy, and helping him to regain use of his affected limbs.

I think our three visiting seminarians, two from Nigeria and one from California, enjoyed their time here, but I barely had a chance to speak with them as my cassock mostly gave way to the caregiver’s outfit. But I know the faithful found it so encouraging to see so many fine young men on their way to the altar.

The lilies are going quickly now, but the hydrangeas are in their glory. But like some people, they are high maintenance. Seminarian John Okerulu has been helping Janet with their daily watering. Seminarians Thomas and Andrew have been willingly helping in the sacristy as well. All five seminarians were a bit worried about the drive to Cincinnati on Easter Monday, due to reports of government roadblocks, but they arrived without any problems. It seems the role of the state anymore is not our safety and security, but something else.

Pray for those who have lost their jobs, or have been denied surgery due to government mandate. More and more reports coming in…. They say that this could never have happened under a Hillary in the White House, but all of the “conservative/Evangelical” camp folded like a deck of cards because it was Trump. Do you remember how they said that “only a Nixon could have opened up China”? And now look at Red China. What a mess. But the one-worlders have everything figured out, and steadily move, step by step.

We continue to be gratified to see the pretty good weekday Mass attendance. We should be praying! A number of people who came over from Novus Ordo parishes have persevered. Finally, some of our own returned last week. They are welcome indeed.

Yesterday a brave handful made “the Litanies” with us, the Greater Litanies of St. Mark’s Day. We can’t help but think of St. Michael the Archangel sheathing his sword as St. Gregory the Great and all the Christians of Rome, barefoot in the procession, sang the Regina Coeli. The Plague ceased. More people should be coming to daily Mass, more prayers should be constantly ascending on high.

Today is the feast day of Our Mother of Good Counsel. She looks after our temporal needs. But remember, “Mother, tell me what am I to do?” May Our Lady do just that for you!

–Bp. Dolan