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Within the Octave of the Ascension

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The other week we were wondering at the shuffling seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter. Last week we wondered where May went altogether, for it seemed sunny March had more promise of Spring than dark damp May. But here’s the thing. It’s all about rain. That’s why we’re Ireland Green for Memorial Day Weekend. If it rains, things move along regardless. I have often noticed this with Fr. Cekada’s stroke recovery. The body heals itself regardless. Setbacks, crises, dark dreary days; make no difference. There’s an internal clock, like the seasons, he’s following. Thanks be to God for your prayers. We’ll soon be starting St. Anthony’s 13 Tuesdays, and will be sure to remember Fr. Anthony Cekada to the Miracle Worker of Padua.

But Friday was St. Rita of Cascia, another one of our “Sanctuary Saints” who specializes in despaired of causes. Friday, too, we began our solemn Nine Day Prayer to the “Saint of Saints,” our Sanctifier, who is always praying for us, Scripture says: the Holy Ghost Himself.

Pray we did this past week, and process as well, except on Tuesday when the blowing rain got too wild for the cloister, and some folks had flooding. We passed the cloister fountain in our pious peregrinations Wednesday, and I was delighted to see the miracle of the fountain which was knocked down in December and left for dead, and carted off. But, not so! Thank you, Gino, for this resurrection. We love our fountain and are so happy to see it serve another day.

That “miracle” reminds me of another. Years ago when we moved to West Chester some young workers charged with dismantling the confessional destroyed it instead, leaving a pile of firewood. Well, Mike Gough, who started with his dad Bob, as Covington faithful, is a most talented master woodworker, who also specializes in the odd miracle. And how fitting, I sometimes think, that “the box” which silently sees so many spiritual resurrections should itself have been raised from the dead. Again, I am forever grateful for these small graces of life.

Although these weeks of the anti God, anti Christ Government mandated Covid Lie have been difficult indeed, still even this deadly box sometimes shows a shining lining: new faithful, stronger attendance (the Holy Day was wonderful), so many Masses requested. And now, slowly, dear old faces, some hidden beneath the symbolic mask (symbolic because it does absolutely nothing to keep you healthy) are slowly creeping back. They are welcome! More cause for gratitude.

Remember the Poor Souls tomorrow, especially the veterans and victims of our wars, and our own dear family members. We are sponsoring an improbably early 7:40 Rosary for the Poor Souls, before the 8 o’clock. Pray with us?

–Bp. Dolan