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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Trinity Sunday was a perfect June day. We’re only entitled to a few of them, so I hope you enjoyed it. The cool sun continued, though, through Monday morning and even Tuesday early. I’m sure we’ve used up all our coupons, but you never know. Nothing like a day in June.

Fr. Cekada has been joining us for the High Mass, and so appreciates—as do we all, and all of Heaven—our beautiful choir, which is practically “a youth choir,” because the few welcome oldsters are young at heart. Today is the last choir Sunday, and we bid them a good restful Summer. Hurry back for September. But we do love to sing at St. Gertrude, and thus look forward to the congregational Sunday High Masses over the next few months.

But the 7:30 quiet Low Mass is wonderful for prayer as well, but in a different way. More people have returned after the “Covid Come On” started to collapse, what with government sponsored rioting in the land. The 11:30 Mass is a tad noisy at times, but the babies don’t generally riot, so it’s perfectly safe to attend, as many people now again do.

Last Tuesday morning at St. Gertrude was a sight to behold, a veritable beehive of activity. I didn’t even know what all of the workers were up to, but I’m sure they were doing something good. Donors had arranged beautiful ornamental plantings in the cloister garden, and a youthful crew materialized to spread mulch, and tackle some of our many gardens. It’s all good, as they say.

A Spanish speaking crew was removing rotted wood from parts of the building façade, and probably doing further repairs. At the rectory the other week we were treated to a total window wash. They looked like new, and how peaceful it was just to sit with Fr. Cekada and enjoy the scenery through shining windows.

I’m writing this corner early, before the great events of Corpus Christi, and Saturday’s Fatima Procession. Thursday after Benediction I left for a quick trip to Detroit’s Queen of Martyrs Church to offer the funeral Mass for a dear friend, Chuck Bellavia, who died last week. Sorrow in the midst of joy, but his death was a truly blessed one.

Fr. McGuire spent the night at the rectory to look after Fr. Cekada in my absence. Fr. McKenna is back from a long hot mission trip. I hope he gave up on wearing the slave mask, as the extra strain in the heat would be intolerable, to say nothing of stupid.

Puccini has made a quasi-peace with the latest cat, Vivaldi. Maybe they’ll be friends. We miss the original Newcat, and I’m sure his 11:30 followers do as well.

Our school finished its curious year on First Friday. So many and such interruptions, but we made it. We’re looking forward to welcoming two new families, and would welcome yours as well to our fine school. In the meantime we’re grateful to the ladies of the school choir for June’s monthly Requiem, and the Corpus Christi High Mass.

We had a last minute but very fine High Mass on Our Lady’s altar Monday evening for the transferred feast of her Queenship, and a good attendance between the Legacy singers and the faithful. Note that now there are more beautiful early morning Masses at 7:00 as well as at 8:00.

This week of Corpus Christi is privileged to have daily exposition and Benediction. Oh, and don’t forget the first of the thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony this week. This week of graces concludes with the feast of the Sacred Heart, which calls us to His Ocean of Mercy even as we make reparation, and renew our personal, family and parish consecration to His most loving Heart. Pray with us,
while still you may, while the Marxist revolution rages and Deep State marches inexorably on.

But what a sweet, happy and innocent day is Corpus Christi Sunday, with its First Communions and Procession, the dear little ones still in their shining purity. As you go unto the altar of God may your own youth be gladdened. We’re a young church, you know!

Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutam meam,

–Bp. Dolan