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Solemnity of Ss Peter & Paul, Pentecost V

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I hope you’re all having an enjoyable Independence Day weekend, ignoring the tyrants and just rejoicing in family and friends and food and socializing. Oh, don’t forget your Faith, its strength and its expression. It’s our secret weapon, but you needn’t keep it secret. The most patriotic thing you could do, would be to take some time to inform yourself on the issues of the day.

The strong sun these days is great for burning away viruses, and promoting good health. Be sure to get out. We did. For the first time since the Covid craziness, we priests all went out to lunch together, and Fr. Cekada was with us. A happy occasion indeed, long overdue.

Much of what we take for granted; walking, eating, taking care of yourself, represents a challenge for those recovering from stroke, and each little step toward independent living is a victory, worthy of grateful celebration. But we all need a good kind of independence from the cruel dictators who would run and ruin our lives, our world and our country. Now is a good time to declare it! Think for yourself. Answer back. Question. Fr. Cekada once half wore the proffered mask at West Chester Hospital, and then refused it altogether at two other appointments.

A good example of the imposed and yet still vaguely voluntary tyranny which no mask can filter out concerns the forced reduction of religion in society. Fr. McGuire was originally forbidden to see Lori Moore who was gravely ill last week at U.C. Hospital. He contacted the chaplain, a nice man, Father said; who averred that he didn’t know the policy on pastoral visits himself. He asked several times and no answer. But he checked with his manager for Father, and received the okay. What a world. Lori seems to be doing better, but faces a long recovery. A heavy cross for the Pattons, who have suffered so many losses these last years. Prayers.

We had some unexpected nocturnal visitors recently. No, not Antifa or B.L.M. Some boys from across the street are playing basketball most evenings in the parking lot, and they are welcome. But I heard a noise near the trash cans at nightfall, and then saw a trio of masked intruders, of the furry type, trying to get into the irresistibly packed garbage container, and going about it very cleverly indeed, climbing and prying, and not a bit shy. The next night it was a mother and four darling cubs, receiving raccooning lessons from mom. Again, quite unafraid. Time for the traps. Puccini prudently decamped to the other porch to await better days. He’s still a fierce fighter, but only with fellow felines. He knows he’s met his match and more with these critters.

Last week was a beautiful one with a solemn yet simple priestly anniversary High Mass on Monday, the Precious Blood on St. Joseph’s Wednesday, and a First Thursday Mass and Holy Hour for priests on the Visitation. Finally, the grand vigil of prayer for the protection of our country and Church this American Anniversary weekend drew generous souls all night long.

The “longest day” for St. John leads each year into Summer’s high point on July 4th. We are always busy about good this seventh month, anticipating again this year an excellent Young Adult Get together. Later this July will come the “camps” for our children. Not the concentration kind. Yet.

In the meantime we are happy to welcome back home our seminarians on vacation. The two Nigerians, Mr. John Okerulu and Mr. Thomas Ojeka make their home with us temporarily during these student years, and we are so happy to have them. We hope you will generously support the Seminary in today’s second collection. The expenses are many in this indispensible apostolate. Pray for our young vocations and the clergy who selflessly dedicate themselves to the training of future priests.

God bless you, and God bless America.
–Bp. Dolan