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Pentecost VIII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
A heavy week, and not only for the humidity and the rains, served as background for the cheery & enjoyable Girls’ Camp, as well as the providential hospitalization of Fr. Cekada. As I write this on Friday morning I’m waiting hopefully (N.B.: correct use of this adverb) for confirmation that he is healing and thus will be able to return home.

As it turns out, and quite unbeknown to us, Fr. Cekada was actually going toxic, which is why he looked so weak. But so many of you here (and around the world, really), have prayed so perseveringly these days, that we are looking forward to hearing of his healing and return home. It’s been quite a week. Father has suffered very much.

But in the meantime, Miss Mikesell and the good Sisters have been happily “camping” with 31 girls, aged 6 to 17. Mostly they stayed inside, occupied with games and crafts. But a special shout out to Mike Volz for two days’ worth of archery for the girls, dodging the raindrops all the while.

I had forgotten how talented the Sisters are at working out little skits with the children. Thursday’s finale entertained us with a well choreographed marching band, complete with caps and music, for these Soldiers of Christ. Afterwards an old fashioned—and generous—Ice Cream Social completed the camp on a delicious note. Thanks so much to Fr. Lehtoranta as well, and to all who helped this reassuring bit of normalcy here in our little island of refuge at St. Gertrude the Great.

It’s the boys’ turn this week, and we are so pleased to have all four of our seminarians joining our McFathers for the festivities. Boys, don’t miss it!

We’ve been happy to have our seminarians home this month. Already they must return to hot Florida next week for Summer work assignments, but one has been kindly permitted to stay with us to assist us through the Assumption. The seminarians seem to be making rapid progress towards the altar. A year ago they received the first step of Tonsure, and now they have received what is called the Four Minor Orders.

Keep them in your prayers, and the seminary in your charitable support. Our seminary trains young men not for some one particular group, but to be Catholic priests to serve souls everywhere and anywhere. Thus we should all sacrifice to see the number of truly Catholic priests increase.

There’s always room for another statue at St. Gertrude the Great. A fine tall evergreen on the berm behind the rectory died, and one of our industrious seminarians made short work of it one impossibly hot afternoon, using only a hand axe. But the trunk remained standing in a now cleared opening. I thought “statue.” Sure enough, one remained in storage, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Several seminarians helped to make a fine shrine. When I see it now, I think of Our Lady of Banneux appearing in the backyard of the Beco family. Our Lady of the Poor, pray for us!

The month of the Precious Blood which has brought its favors as well as its crosses, closes Friday, and First Saturday ushers in August for Mary’s Immaculate Heart and her Son, the Father’s Eternal Wisdom. Make your First Saturday faithfully that we may be spared further tyranny of government-imposed revolution.

Thank you for your presence, your prayers and frequent Mass attendance, and your continuing support in these so difficult days.

Oh, and blessed feast day of God’s Grandmother, good St. Anne.
–Bp. Dolan