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Pentecost XII

Blessing of First Fruits for the Feast of the Assumption

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
With yesterday’s feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we concluded for another year the Octave of the Assumption. And what a grand feast it was. I had forgotten the blue water at the grotto, always a charming touch. But the wonderful scene there of the faithful gathered for the Blessing of Herbs will not soon be forgotten. It’s posted on our website in two artistic photos, as well as in our memory. A beautiful feast for Our Blessed Mother, and an excellent attendance both days.

The other night we enjoyed some of the fresh blessed basil growing at the Assumption shrine, along with garden tomatoes generously provided, and fresh Mozzarella. Delicious salad, and good for soul and body.

Hummingbirds make the most curious insect-like noise, but are a joy to behold. Our evergreens house the little creatures, but they are mostly heard and not seen. The rains have kept the evergreens growing beautifully, and even the grass green. Remarkable for August.

Fr. Cekada had a quick Emergency Room visit on the afternoon of the Assumption. Fr. McKenna was able to stay with him, and remarked how relatively expeditious the experience was, “only” four or five hours. He was here only briefly, our missionary was, between trips; and his thoughtful charity was impressive. Fr. Cekada had a UTI, fairly common in his case, we are told. He seems slowly to be recovering, and is working again with a number of therapists.

Our teachers are already meeting, planning out the new school year. Good news: no cages or the rest of the psyop for our students. Fr. Lehtoranta is organizing the Sunday Catechism classes this year, and will himself, if possible, be teaching the First Communion Class most Sundays. Registration for “Sunday School” is available on the next two Sundays, and the first class is September 13.

Some tasty meals have come our way of late, and we are grateful both for feast and famine, for fair weather and foul, for grass and straw. Oh, and unseen hummingbirds and crowds of faithful, and loyal Puccini, who really shouldn’t be sleeping on the good chair in the front room.

God bless you,
–Bp. Dolan