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Pentecost XIII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
These cloudy August days were heavy towards the end, dark and humid. I thought I had escaped the allergies, but had my turn, too. I wonder if the weather is Laura related, as we are now in the hurricane season. Pray for the brethren in Texas and Louisiana.

Thus Summer comes to an end, though we surely have sticky hot days ahead. Still, it’s time for a new season at St. Gertrude the Great. School starts a little early for us, due to a late Labor Day. Wednesday we welcome a nice group of new young and our returning older students as well. As usual, we begin by solemnly invoking the Holy Ghost in the opening Votive Mass.

For Sunday School, Fr. Lehtoranta is registering students after Mass today, and again next Sunday. Most Sundays, Fr. Lehtoranta will be himself teaching the First Communion class.

Fr. Cekada was able to join us at last for Sunday Mass, which is always good news. He and Fr. McGuire were over to West Chester Hospital for a test Wednesday, which turned out normal. Their Guardian Angels must have been active (when are they not?) because they breezed into the hospital without having to join the masquerade. Furthermore, Fr. McGuire was permitted to be with Fr. Cekada the whole time, conversing and praying with him. It would otherwise have been even more difficult, this two hour procedure in a tube. Afterwards, Father actually felt well enough to go out for some lunch. A tiring but good day. Father stays busy with physical and speech therapy, and we are grateful to parishioners who are visiting and spending time with him, while the clergy are busy in church. He doesn’t like to be left alone, and your assistance is welcome.

I write this on Connie Kamphaus’s second anniversary, remembering as well Paulina Strauss, Bea Lutkehaus, Ernie Nellenbach, Sue Menefee, Becky Mattingly, Cliff Breitenstein, Bill Bendel and John Weisman, who come to mind at this season. There are so many now. Their number is joined by Gary Amyx, a quiet, devout and very well read convert who used to be a regular, along with Bernie and Rita Brueggemann, at the weekday 5 o’clock Mass back in Sharonville. Do a work of charity and assist at his funeral on Tuesday at 11:00 AM.

Once the school year gets started we will catch up on Funeral Masses for those who never received one from their families the last few months. It is a pious duty, and the children’s charity and proficiency will make all go well for the singing and serving. It’s good training for them, this work of charity.

Upcoming Labor Day weekend is a holiday, of course, but we should observe it as a part holy day, as we keep watch and pray for our country. The Revolution, some say, is entering a crucial stage now, after Kenosha. Today’s saint shows that the protection of our own city should be dear to our heart. St. Rose averted the wrath of God for the sins of man, as well as a near Protestant invasion of Lima (not Ohio, but Peru) by her penance and prayers. All Night Adoration accomplishes both, so quietly and sweetly, before the Monstrance.

May His Eucharistic Kingdom come in our hearts!

–Bp. Dolan