Pentecost XV

Fr. Cekada died very peacefully at 10:15 Friday morning. Please pray for the happy repose of his soul. May God reward his zealous priestly soul.

His obituary is here:

Visitation is Wednesday at church at 4:00 PM.
His funeral is Thursday at 10:00 AM.

The funeral will be live-streamed here:

Parish Priest

Church Organist

Music Teacher (Attending a concert with his students)

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I’ve never written a Bishop’s Corner at a deathbed before, but a pastor’s life is a busy one. But what a blessing to have Fr. Cekada back with us, quiet and peaceful, after a tumultuous, indeed tortured week at the hospital, which saw him begin the dying process. He was already confused, which always happened when he went in. Then he stopped speaking, eating or drinking. Of course, he could still hear, and sometimes follow you with his eyes.

But these days have been a blessing, a reprieve from Heaven for Fr. Cekada to regain his calm, at home, in familiar circumstances, to pray and be prayed for, before leaving everything to knock at Heaven’s Gate. Many of you have written, expressed affection, thanks, and assuring us of your prayers. God reward you.

Fr. Cekada died very peacefully at 10:15 Friday morning. I was at his bedside, praying with him, as were his sister, Julia, and brother-in-law. All of us priests took turns sitting and praying with him during the hours of the night. He never did like to be left alone these last months.

Fr. Cekada’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday morning, with the wake at church Wednesday evening. Due to the funeral, there is a special Mass schedule this week. Out of respect to Fr. Cekada, the parish picnic is cancelled. We’ll try to organize another parish social event this Fall.

One of our many correspondents summarized just some of Fr. Cekada’s many accomplishments during his zealous 43 years of priesthood: “…to preserve and promulgate the true Catholic Faith around the world. His legacy of books, online sermons, music compositions, debates with Fr. Jenkins, and discussions on True Restoration Radio will continue—with God’s protective care—to teach and inspire children, non-believers, recent converts, and lapsed and Novus Ordo Catholics for generations to come. I already miss his witty discussions with the moderator, Stephen Heiner, and Bishop Sanborn on Francis Watch.” Add to this his voluminous correspondence, and his many, many articles, and you get some measure of the man. But be sure to mix in his wit and humor, and the many souls he converted
or counseled.

May his truly priestly soul rest in peace.
–Bp. Dolan