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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Tuesday past was another one of those beautiful October days, just about perfect. But it was the evening which interested us, and I’m sure drew Heaven’s favorable notice as well. It was the 13th, more than a lucky, a blessed day when thousand upon thousands once saw the sun dance and dip and rise again, Our Lady’s answer to Lucy’s plea for a miracle which would make everyone believe.

One hundred and three years later, at sunset, one hundred and seventeen faithful gathered together, candles in hand, to make a striking scene, a sign surely if there is anyone left to believe, the peaceful powerful full Rosary in solemn procession through the night. Who knows if this may be our last, we reasoned. Besides, we are at the crossroads of tyranny and what is left of our way of life. You came, you prayed. God bless you and hear our united sighs, blended with the one hundred and fifty three Ave Marias. Remember that night. Like everything this year it made history. I hope it also made a difference.

For the rest, we continue to pray “over and above” for that is what we do at St. Gertrude the Great. October seems to be the month for it, with the daily Rosary and now this week Forty Hours. We tried other months for this annual devotion, but none worked as well as October. May these Forty Hours work well this year, not only in attendance and ceremonies, but in the protecting power of the prayer they unleash, a protection we all so much need.

Today is Mission Sunday, and I think fondly of the priests and people in far away places I’ve been able to visit, or we’ve been able to help over the years: Fr. Nkamuke in Nigeria, undergoing a spot of trouble itself of late; Fr. Soliman and his Filipino flock; Fr. Roberto Mardones and Fr. Villegas and Fr. Gomez in Mexico; Fr. Rodrigo and his starting seminary in Brazil; Fr. Damin and Fr. Martinez still in the catacombs in Argentina; Fr. Valerii valiantly offering the Divine Liturgy and praying for Byzantine Rite vocations in Ukraine; lone Fr. William Hecquard, who has gone back to living as a Benedictine in France. Please pray for them all, and all true Catholic priests throughout the world. Spare a special prayer for young Fr. Philip Eldracher, practically locked up, and his flock, too, by the Communist government in Australia.

Our school year is going well. It is a joy to have so many little “starter” students with us. We have welcomed a number of young families to St. Gertrude of late. Say hello if you see someone you don’t know, and say a prayer blessing God for sending reinforcements. What a grace to have three baptisms serve as a counterpoint to the three funerals of late. Life, our life which targets eternal life, goes on.

Fr. Lehtoranta’s young ladies’ Sodality of Charity is now well underway. The girls this month enjoyed some archery at their meeting, and also helped decorate Helfta Hall for the Rosary confraternity breakfast, which also enjoyed a record attendance.

We’re hopeful that the Plandemic restrictions on visiting Nursing Homes will be eased to allow a priest finally to visit our own. But the elderly and the ill are among the specially targeted victims of this revolution. It’s so great to see Vic Ritze at Sunday Mass again. His family sprang him.

Our Lord is looking forward to seeing you and your family Friday evening for Forty Hours, and we’re all looking forward to the Chili Supper afterwards. Bring some to share!

God bless you and make your prayers twice as powerful these crucial days. They will be, if they are under the power of the Cross, and the name of Jesus and Mary.

–Bp. Dolan