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Pentecost XXIII

Out of the depths, I have cried to thee, O Lord

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
These sweet calm sunny days of Indian, better: St. Martin’s Summer, are surely a gift, the most beautiful of the year and serve as a quiet counterpoise to a noisy world of lies and strife. So does a nice cemetery visit. It puts things in perspective, as the Desert Fathers and St. John Vianney would say.

On Wednesday Fr. Lehtoranta led the school children in a doubly indulgenced Rosary Procession to St. Stephen’s Cemetery in Hamilton. A second one is scheduled for this afternoon. I thought you would like the opportunity to visit Fr. Cekada’s grave. Meanwhile Fr. McGuire will be going with our Kentucky cousins to St. Mary’s in Fort Mitchell. Let us honor our dead today. Pray for them. Gain a Plenary Indulgence for them. Ask them in turn, these Holy Souls, to remember our country in her hour of need.

It is this same thought which should inspire our Veterans Day observance on Wednesday. How many died, suddenly, violently, in all of the wicked wars of the last century. How many of these souls may still be “poor” in need of our assistance. How willingly would they repay your devotion in our country’s coin, by interceding in turn for our land. The One Worlders with their heavy weapons of mind control and propaganda are waging ruthless war upon us. Prayer can keep you safe, free from the contagion of “compliance,” even as it frees the prisoners of Purgatory, and of propaganda. Peace, all around peace comes in the prayer package.

We had another wonderful feast day on Sunday, All Saints. It was a beautiful High Mass, under somewhat difficult circumstances, and so many little saints in the pews. I was pleasantly surprised myself. And such a turnout. Monday’s All Souls drew good numbers all day, and young people as well as old gaining the indulgences by making visits.

It is interesting to consider how the All Saints observance has changed over the years, and is changing still with the influx of large new families, and young adults. There were less of the finely crafted costumes and carefully prepared little saints, each presentation something to behold. But the two skits were masterpieces of wit and humor. Quite engaging. And how interesting that at the end some young adults, not wanting to miss out, threw together a skit of their own making, an interesting take on the Forty Martyrs. That spirit of “get everyone involved…” I watch all of this proudly, pleased at all of the talent and holy enthusiasm. An excellent sign. A good time was had by all. And thanks to Ian Ford for reading my mind and loaning the mic.

I’m away in Milwaukee this weekend. Air travel is no treat anymore, but it’s good to see the faithful there, and help out a bit on the mission circuit.

The era of Covid Conspiracy, since March, has brought us more Mass requests than ever before in our history. I know many of you would prefer the Masses to be offered here, and do try to accommodate. We have a backlog of two to three months. Thanks for your patience. I try to give everyone a chance to have his Mass offered. If you don’t mind the Mass going to the Missions, let me know. Try to keep the Special Date Request Masses for true special anniversaries. God bless your truly edifying generosity!

St. Gertrude’s Day is coming up on the 16th, and of course Veterans Day is Wednesday. How quickly each month passes. Many will be happy to see the back of 2020, a true year of sorrow, sadness and stress for all, yet not without its graces, abundantly given by the good God. We will all have much to be thankful for come Thanksgiving, pace Fauci, that miserable insider!

May God deliver us still, and bless us always!
–Bp. Dolan