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Pentecost XXIV

Out of the depths, I have cried to thee, O Lord

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St. Winifred of Wales

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Winter is slowly creeping in, but under cover of sunshine. Such abundant “liquid gold” the good God generously gives, antidote both to the dreaded Corona phantom as well as to the all too real low spirits, symptoms of government induced stress. The sun also helps these so shockingly short days of November. “Sun and moon, bless the Lord.”

But the days are really short in Milwaukee, which I visited last weekend. By 3:30 the sun puts its hat on and waits by the door, ready to go. Well, so must we all be, ready, “for at the hour you know not, the Son of Man cometh.”

In the meantime (and maybe it won’t be a long wait, as current events turn so apocalyptic) the McFathers are at little St. Hugh of Lincoln, doing great things for their own Forty Hours Devotion. They manage two All Night Adorations (the original way of doing “the Prayer,” and that in the neighborhood which can be a little dicey after nightfall). We tip our biretta to the intrepid band of the Wisconsin/Chicagoland faithful, and pray they are having a glorious conclusion this morning, and a nice parish dinner at a local restaurant. These are wonderful occasions, as we well know. Deo Gratias.

We have one coming up tomorrow…a wonderful occasion. St. Gertrude’s day this year marks the 40th anniversary of the dedication of our first church, in Sharonville, and the 17th of the dedication of our current church, the admiration even of our foes, and a beautiful landmark (thanks for keeping the lights on!) as well as a worthy home for our Eucharistic Lord. What a hand Fr. Cekada’s talented devotion played in this! Monday is Fr. Lehtoranta’s 9th ordination anniversary, and the 15th for Fr. McGuire. Tuesday is Fr. Desposito’s anniversary, the 30th Fr. Saavedra’s, while we’re at it. Congratulations and prayers all around.

Speaking of congratulations, our best wishes go to our latest happy couple, the YAGsters Steve and Victoria Cerise, who celebrated their wedding on First Saturday with a host of witnesses from New Jersey and Colorado. (Sunday’s attendance was record-breaking.) Steve’s dad, David, is a graduate of our first school, St. Gertrude Academy. As they used to write in the papers, the newlywed couple will be making their home here in Cincinnati. Welcome!

From weddings to funerals… St. Hugh’s Society will be sponsoring a proper Funeral Mass for dear Joan Landry on Thursday at 11:25. Her family reduced her to ash and shipped her off to Maine awhile back, but we remember.

Remember too our “Covid casualties,” mostly elderly folk who have fallen victim to the hype from media and family, and live at home (not much of a life) cowering in fear at the Corona. There’s no danger, really, but there is a crown (corona is Latin for crown) awaiting us…but you have to die to get it. Somehow everything has gotten turned around in a few short months.

I got my Bible turned around the other Sunday, and I thank an alert parishioner for discreetly pointing it out to me. “As for me and for my house, we will serve the Lord,” is from Joshua 24:15, and not from Ruth. Better not to wing Scripture citation.

But do read the Word of God, quietly, prayerfully, daily. An Epistle or a Gospel would do, but you could also open up the big Book. What a source of light and of calm in these still so dark days.

Our Lady of the Light shine upon you!

–Bp. Dolan