Epiphany III

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New article by Fr. McKenna:
A Simple Advisory Regarding the New mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine
By Rev. Stephen McKenna

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today we close our Twelve Sundays of the Mother of Good Counsel, mindful of all the times we have been saved by our Blessed Mother under this powerful title and devotion. The security and growth we have enjoyed since the Plandemic kicked off have been extraordinary. Today as well we pray for the conversion of the Jews in the Chair of Unity Octave, which concludes tomorrow. Pray with us! Already this Friday we begin our Sorrowful Mother Novena after the evening Mass on the great feast of St. Francis de Sales.

Saturday we bid farewell to the Alleluia. Easter soon beckons, heralded by next Sunday’s Septuagesima purple. Prepare yourself for the combat, it cries. We know this is so from “the signs of the time.” But we pray these upcoming seventy days to increase in knowledge, both of God’s will and the wicked enemy’s crafty ways.

This past week the most prolife president ceded place to an open and militant abortion/gender change, etc. proponent. But how fitting that two days after the Inauguration, we prayed for America’s conversion in the Chair of Unity Octave. We added to this our sacrifices and acts of reparation for the crime of “abortion +” represented by the new administration. Don’t be deceived by the classic press tag “devout Catholic.” Thank God for the truly devout Catholics who are adding to their prayers and sacrifices these days.

Thursday was dedicated to Kent Maki’s funeral. The full Catholic funeral, with Rosary, High Mass, Absolution and graveside services is a fitting farewell for a devout Catholic, a solemn consolation for the bereaved, and a source of great graces for the departed soul. Fr. Lehtoranta’s touching eulogy for this “cheerful man always with a smile” was most fitting. We also were able to offer a fine parish luncheon afterwards. Thanks so much to the ladies who provided an excellent meal, and the warm hand of friendship to the bereaved family. It’s a wonderful tradition.

I’ve often thought about offering a priests’ retreat here, but tomorrow we begin one for the first time. Please pray for our priest retreatants, and remember to check the bulletin for some changes this week. Once again I thank the cooks, our faithful generous cooks, for feeding the Fathers.

Speaking of food, the season of church suppers (sometimes called Lent) opens next month. We hope to get things off to a good start with our Candlemas Winter Soup Supper. Do one of those “save the date” things, and plan to come with your favorite soup to the children’s perennial favorite, Candlemas, on Tuesday, February 2nd. First the Blessing, Procession and “Mass of the Candles,” then another warm social evening. Newcomers, don’t be shy! We’re all here for the same purpose. Make some friends.

But “may Jesus and Mary be your best friends,” as Gerry Keaveney used to say. God bless you.

-Bp. Dolan