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By Rev. Stephen McKenna

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Last week’s heavy dark days were not ideal for a retreat. Wednesday evening’s snowfall was a beautiful change, and even ushered in a bit of sun for Thursday. More of the white stuff is on call for today, however. But I didn’t order it up. Still, it is winter. The weather did not get in the way of a good priests’ retreat, however, the first we’ve ever had here.

Eight of us met for five days of spiritual recollection, as well as a little clerical recreation. Too many priests are isolated, and it’s always good to allay the solitude a bit when possible. We were a varied group, from different backgrounds and points of view, which made this kind of meeting all the more interesting.

Thanks, too, to the good ladies of the Cucina Clerical, and all who helped in different ways, clerical and lay, sacristy and kitchen. On Friday we all went our different ways, spiritually refreshed for the battle ahead.

The true and big news of this week is the great feast of Candlemas, and the wonderful “soup social” afterwards, always a great evening. The throats come next under St. Blaise’s care, and then First Friday with the return of All Night Adoration.

On Thursday I take a turn in Milwaukee, always a nice visit. Otherwise, it’s Septuagesima, Lenten preparation time. I’m giving the matter thought. So should you. Lent is the Church’s general retreat for everyone. After last year, we need it, and should look forward to it, setting our spiritual sights high.

May Our Lord spare us, and grant us a breathing space of quiet times, and liberty to serve Him in the holiness of truth. Cavaradossi the cat seems to be working out, as he learns the art of being a cat. He requires strenuous games in the early morning, after breakfast, but the exercise is probably good. He almost always wins. When he does, then he bears the wand and ball off triumphantly, to hide it. One of these days he’s bound to figure out that this could be self defeating. All in good time.

Fr. McKenna is joining me tomorrow as we record more shows for Catholic Restoration, Behind the Headlines. Fr. Cekada and I had to give them up a year ago due to his declining health. But there is a lot of news to review, and so much is to be discovered lurking behind the headlines.

God bless you.

See you Tuesday?

In Our Lady Immaculate,
–Bp. Dolan