Easter Sunday

The Strife is O’er
Entrance Processional, Easter 2021

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
A perfectly perfect Palm Sunday did indeed open our Holy Week. It was raining at 8 AM, but that was just to make the prayed for sun all the more glorious. The choir was in fine voice, and what an attendance all day. We got an extra bundle of palms, and I’m so glad we did! We had a real donkey this year, thanks to the continued kindness and efforts of the Brueggemanns. We count on them each year. Nikki the donkey made her debut. It was her first time, and she was a little skittish. But she made it almost to the door before deciding to stop in that way that donkeys have. It was rumored she was R&R rather than properly Sede, but all are welcome at our church, man or beast.

Meanwhile our cat population has doubled. Anny’s Jack was discovered by management, and had to go. But it worked out well for my Cavaradossi, who was pining for a pal. They get along famously, and have plenty of room for racing at the rectory, a favorite pastime. As long as I can keep them from my windowsills, which are populated by half the saints of heaven, everybody will be happy. Cavaradossi is considerably smaller than Giacomo. (Cat’s new name. Irresistible, as it is the composer Puccini’s first name.) The larger cat automatically assumes grazing rights over the other’s food dish, just as human Fat Cats often do. But mine get along, unlike the human kind.

I think March qualifies as going out like a lion, after so much wind and unexpected cold, as well as the rain. Still, Spring is here, and just in time for Easter! It’s “Spy Wednesday” as I write this, and everything is looking duly holy for Holy Week on the inside. We know we will be, too, by Sunday, having carried out the “Sacraments of the Lord’s Passion,” as the missal phrases it, just as generously and devoutly as we can.

Great attendance has continued all Lent, and good help (which is so hard to find) has been showing up abundantly. The young people are doing a great job. Thank you to everybody for everything! The rest of the Holy Week report will follow in next week’s bulletin.

God bless you! Blessed Easter!
–Bp. Dolan