Easter II

The Strife is O’er
Entrance Processional, Easter 2021

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Winter or Spring, cold weather is welcome when it brings sunshine as its companion. Have you noticed the abundant afternoon sun which concludes some of our cloudy and cool days? It’s almost a symbol, and maybe a promise of the unfolding of the divine and providential plan. Our masters plan wars, epidemics and disasters. Our God, even at the worst of it, often gives us some relief and always the light and warmth of His presence.

Our seminarians (I call them “the four horsemen of the Apocalypse”) return to Florida now at the end of their welcome Easter break. We are grateful to Mr. Thomas Ojeka for his presence and help all the way through Holy Week. Mr. Thomas Simpson served yesterday as Subdeacon at his brother Joseph’s Nuptial Mass as he wed Miss Sarah Burns. Congratulations to the happy couple.

St. Joseph, his annual novena and the feast of his Patronage, highlights this week. Next Sunday it’s a rare “Sunday opportunity” for another procession, albeit without the donkey. The Greater Litanies, though, are a most powerful prayer and provide protection. Once Rome was thus delivered from a real plague. May we thus be freed form the Plandemic. Participate!

Fr. McKenna barely returned from his travels when he left again Friday to attend to St. Hugh in Milwaukee. We did have the chance to record another “Behind the Headlines” for True Restoration, discussing recent events. But if you don’t go out of your way to miss the sermon and do listen, you’ll know pretty much what’s stirring “behind the headlines.” Still, it may be of interest, or more, of use in the battle for our country, for Christ the King.

We are all called upon to conquer human respect, inform ourselves and summon up our courage to oppose, according to our own state of life, the Marxist Revolution which has us in its grip. Propaganda by its very nature draws us in, lulls us to a kind of submission. Pray for the reverend clergy who are as subject to this as anyone else, but who must lead everyone else.

Cavaradossi has turned out to be more of a contemplative cat, spending hours gazing out the window, doubtless thus symbolizing eternity. His bud Giacomo is decidedly more active and calls the other cat out of his reverie to come and play. Of course they only want to play in the forbidden areas and that, I suppose, could stand for all of fallen human nature. The things we learn from our “animal companions.”

May your April continue to be a blessed one, in the warmth of God’s grace.

– Bp. Dolan