Our First Fatima Rosary Procession of 2021

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✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Great Pentecost has come, and with the Fiftieth Day the full sun, now strong and high in the sky. Sweet gentle Spring has given way to Summer’s blast, Fr. McGuire’s favorite season. Fr. Lehtoranta, from the North, prefers the Winter, dark and cold. But each season in its turn has its glory, and all are called upon to bless the Lord. That’s how the priest makes his daily Thanksgiving for Mass and Holy Communion.

In any case Summer has competition from the calendar, and the Sacred Liturgy, the devotions of the season. What an antidote to secular worldly living. They’re at the beach. We’re still in church. Pentecost is actually greatest after Easter itself, as yesterday’s Vigil Mass and today’s second Pontifical bear witness. Children with a sprinkling of adults were confirmed, sixteen in all, so that they too might bear witness.

But so do we all give testimony to our Faith in the conscientious keeping of the great feasts which follow each other in due sequence, regardless of weather: The Pentecost Octave with its Ember Fast Days, Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi and First Communion. May finishes with Mary’s Queenship, and comes June with the Sacred Heart and All Night Adoration.

It’s graduation season too, in more ways than one. Let us know of any graduates among us, so we can congratulate them at this milestone.

We could congratulate ourselves, or rather thank God, that it appears now our masters will allow the slaves to unmask. For those who follow the trail of lies (and tears!) they call the media, there is no rhyme nor reason. The constant changes and contradictions seem custommade to keep us on our guard, off balance, wearied and distressed. The party line changes more than the weather.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Well, unless Christ returns in glory, the now strong sun will probably rise, and we’ll get on with our Pentecost Monday. Regardless, God’s providential care continues, as does our confident trust and devout daily prayer.

These feast days and devout celebrations are always work. Thanks to new helpers and old who make it happen. You have our grateful prayers. But may God reward you, and grant us all perseverance, at Pentecost and always.

Don’t forget Easter Duty by next Sunday. May the Holy Ghost, when He comes, find a pure dwelling place
in your soul.
– Bishop Dolan