Solemnity of Corpus Christi

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠

Memorial Day. “No rest for the wicked,” as my mother used to say, and her mother before her. We were up and at it early Monday, after a memorable Pentecost weekend, to honor our Queen, close Mary’s month with prayer and remember our dead. All was done, and fairly expeditiously. Later that morning Fr. McKenna barbequed some lunch for us, which we all enjoyed. After a wee bit of rest our front porch chef and I headed south to beautiful Kentucky (you can see why people are crazy attached to the Commonwealth) for a fine party honoring our three (there was a fourth, but he was working) home school graduates. The Arlinghaus home (I always wanted to write that) is actually quite an estate, perfect for the many faithful who gathered for this happy occasion in such a bucolic setting. A wonderful party with perfect weather.

I came to honor our graduates, but somehow got in on the honors, with a birthday cake (I managed to blow out all seventy candles!), “vintage wine,” cards and good wishes. Our school children at church hosted me for fast food and cupcakes on Pentecost Thursday. So, I’ve been doing quite a bit of celebrating. Many, many thanks for cards, cakes and good wishes. I was very touched.

The weather went south on Tuesday, dark, heavy and finally wet for days, inducing a lethargy felt even by the cats. Probably God sent it to make the Corpus Christi glory within our church all the more splendid. The altar glowed with golden flowers and candles, unseen angels and faithful adorers around the Lamb upon His throne. The weather broke on First Friday morning, welcome energizing sun waiting when the fog lifted. Daily adoration continues all eight days of the Octave, but today is the high point, with First Communion and Procession and three Benedictions.

We always hope for and welcome those who will adore with us these last days now of Corpus Christi, leading up to Friday’s feast (it’s a family feast, remember) of the Sacred Heart. You all should make an effort to come again even once on a weekday, even if it’s against your religion. You won’t regret it in the big picture of things.

But save a bit of your fire for next Sunday evening, when we meet for the June Fatima Rosary Procession for Peace in West Chester. It’s also St. Anthony’s Day, so lilies will be blessed in the morning, after the 7:30 AM Mass. The High Mass is the Graduation Mass for our High School Seniors.

Last Tuesday we had an excellent Tea Party meeting. Dr. Frank explained to us how the bad guys managed to steal the national election last year. Once he broke down the figures, he was able accurately to predict how each county “voted,” for the bloodless coup d’état which took our country, part of the ongoing Communist revolution.

Your Masses and Communions of Reparation are everything these June Sacred Heart days. Make them, offer them in reparation, and you are not only pious but patriotic!

May the Sacred Heart be King of Love in your home.

– Bishop Dolan