Pentecost V

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I used to read a poem about the beauty of June weather, and wondered what they were talking about. But this has been a June to remember. The rain and gray are heavy to bear, but the greenery grows only greener, and the beautiful days are all the more appreciated.

St. John’s Eve was just about perfect. More guests than ever for our supper after the Solemn Mass. How nice to see people even seated on the lush cloister lawn as they visited. Soon it was time to bless an impressive bonfire, to sing St. John’s Do-Re-Mi hymn, before settling down to a nice assortment of songs, and very well accompanied. Adults sang or visited, children ran and played, and the odd toddler determinedly crawled through the high grass. Fr. McGuire was marshmallow coordinator as the dusk finally descended, starting “the shortest night.” Fr. McKenna led a nice Rosary, and we called it a night. I call it a great success, and thank especially our organizer and chef, Mark Lotarski, and all who came and all who helped.

This week leads into July, month of the Precious Blood. Independence Day falls on Sunday, but there is precious little of it to be had anymore. Hang on to what’s left, and declare all of your dependence on Almighty God.

We will go forward with our All Night Adoration this First Friday, for the hour is grave, and we must pray and pray some more. Still, part of the plan is to carry on pretty much the same as always, so I wish you “a great Fourth” as well as a pleasant Summer.

Our next big event comes the following weekend, July 9-11. I know we will be welcoming many out of town guests. But it would be great to see more of our own young people at this social and spiritual gathering. Friendships made solidify Faith and can be strong enough to last a lifetime.

Tomorrow is the Golden Jubilee of a dear old friend of mine, Fr. Peter J. Morgan, who was the first priest ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre, June 28, 1971. Fr. Morgan was a mentor to me as a young priest. My happy, and profitable first months of priesthood were passed in England, under his tutelage. Please spare him a prayer tomorrow.

Today is the feast itself of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. May she ever be your help, and you the trusting child who runs to her arms.

– Bishop Dolan