Pentecost VI

Last Sunday, as befits the Summer, we welcomed many visitors. In fact, it was a kind of “old homecoming Sunday.” Gerry Keaveney, a teacher at St. Joseph’s Minor Seminary in Idaho, stopped by for a brief visit, as did his daughter Megan. Ina Harpen visited too, and is looking well. The little Vietnamese lady who lives across the street and used to attend the 7:30 came back too. May they all benefit from the blessing of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. What better blessing could there be than to come to Mass, to Novena, to Mary like Jesus, and Jesus like Mary? We are safe in her arms, and she takes us only one place, home safe to God.

Our seminarians are back, and it’s good to have them safely home. Things are mostly quiet on the national front, but all of the trouble of the last year and a half is by no means resolved. Travel, economics, health, safety, survival…all are compromised, all are threatened as the Great Reset goes inexorably forward, slowly grinding all down to dust. This is just a vacation. Let us use it as such, to rest a bit and recoup our forces. It is no time, however, to let down the guard. There’s no going back. But like it or not, we are going forward. With Christ as our shield, we will do well as we go gingerly into a quite unknown future. We do know God’s encouraging love, though, and the angels’ assistance.

The presence of young people always inspires us, as we should them. On Friday we welcome the revived Young Adult Get-together, meeting now for the fifth time. Some 95 young people from all over the country are expected, and even one from Australia, who obtained an exemption from their Communistic government. Socializing, good friendships, and encouragement in the practice of uncompromised Catholic Faith are just a few of the goals of this fine group. Some may even find the spouse God has in mind for them. We have an excellent “success” rate! Wish them well, smile, say hello, and send a prayer their way.

This Independence Day weekend, as is our wont, has been most prayerful. As we pray to maintain our liberty, the God given right to do what is right, reclaim a bit of your independence before the oligarchs buy it out of your hands, out of your soul. Issue your own declaration and set off a few fireworks to mark the occasion.

But don’t forget to barbeque! The dog may be waiting.

– Bishop Dolan