Pentecost VII

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
A beautiful day dawned on Friday, welcoming our one hundred some young adults to the get together, our revived and very much alive YAG. As acronyms go, YAG is not particularly euphonious. I remember years ago promoting St. Raphael for its name both and patronage. He’s not only the Angel of Healing, but also of happy meetings, travel, courtship, and surely young adults. I pray to him most mornings for our sick. I must remember to invoke him for the up and coming next generation, for their future, and ours. You are all very welcome indeed! St. Raphael protect, guide and inspire you.

But July is also the month of travel, of rest and vacations. This doubtless permitted many of our YAGsters to make the journey to join us for this weekend. I pray that your travels are safe, and your vacations refreshing.

Fr. Lehtoranta has been in Wisconsin for awhile, looking after St. Hugh, and also doing a little vacation traveling. He is not an American citizen, but knows more about this country than most. He made a creative, interesting trip; combining a town with Finnish heritage, natural beauty, “Little House on the Prairie” and Jean and Kirby Bischel’s hometown of Bloomer, Wisconsin. He also writes a good “travel gallery.” You don’t really have to go far to find fascinating culture and history and beauty in this great land of ours.

We had another good attendance Tuesday evening for the West Chester Tea Party in Helfta Hall, and an interesting presentation on CRT, Critical Race Theory, the latest Communist hammer with which students but also many workers and even religious folk are being beaten. Sheer insanity, but a clever and powerful tool for destruction. The Tea Party meets the first Tuesday of the month, and you would be welcome. Necessarily a wide range of views and analyzes are presented. I don’t agree with everything. But in these dark days it’s important at least to be moving in the right direction. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. But our destruction parallels the Fall of Rome, and is moving very quickly.

This brings me (and I hope you) to Tuesday’s Fatima Rosary Procession for Peace. God has given mankind in these last days a sovereign remedy, Mary’s Immaculate Heart. This devotion is best expressed in the Rosary, and very powerfully in a public procession. Participate.

For years, Mexico under Communism or Freemasonry still had processions, albeit priestless. The government obliged the priest to stay in church, but the people processed through the streets and publicly prayed. This helped maintain and manifest the Faith despite all the official propaganda. The procession wound its way to the church, and the priest led them to the altar and Holy Mass.

Wouldn’t it be grand if some of our young adult guests, some of our many visitors, started a Rosary procession in their mission or church, or even just with a group of like-minded Catholics? How it could grow,how it could help! Converts could be made, and the just wrath of God turned away, even at the 11th hour.

God bless you, and may Mary’s Immaculate Heart be your refuge and shield.

– Bishop Dolan