Pentecost X

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
This year St. Peter’s Chains comes on a Sunday, so we may all celebrate this our patron St. Peter, as well as the great history of the Cathedral Church of Cincinnati. Unfortunately this historical church was all redone in the late 1950s, getting ready for Vatican II and the Changes, so you wouldn’t be able to get a real idea of how it looked. The Cathedral was once called “The Nursery of Bishops” for the many bishops consecrated there and then sent off, west and north and south, apostles and successors of the apostles.

Like the old Cathedral, the feast itself of St. Peter’s Chains was abolished by the infamous modernist missal of John XXIII, to prepare for Vatican II. Feast days of relics had to go. Superstitious, I suppose. They knew better.

But in addition to its history, the graces of the feast draw us. We ask in the Mass for God, at St. Peter’s prayer, to loose the chains which hold the whole world captive today. Those chains were being carefully, patiently prepared long before the 50s and 60s, and do indeed imprison the world today. How ever will St. Peter be able to open the Gates of Heaven to those poor slaves who know God not, pawns in the power plays of our wealthy rulers. Prayer, of course. Prayer breaks chains, opens eyes, saves souls. It’s the Rosary’s chain of beads which sets us free as we meditate these Gospel mysteries.

Another blessed apostolate took place last week, drawing fathers and sons from Wisconsin and Illinois as well as Indiana and Ohio, to the annual Boys’ Camp. Some 37 boys and young men participated. Many dads came too, and helped, as did our seminarians. Other fathers joined the camp dads in what has become a popular custom, Men’s Camp, in the evening, after the little ones are tucked into their tents. This Camp provides a rare and precious time for dads to socialize together and to discuss some of the important issues of the day. A great time was had by all, and we are grateful to the McFathers, and all who helped, from archery to games to meals. (They were a little sore afterwards.)

Fr. Lehtoranta got in his Summer Sodality meeting for our young ladies and girls just before the boys descended on us. He always gives a great time to the girls in a well thought-out day. Visit Father’s fine bulletin board to see his news, and stay to appreciate such an artistic and carefully presented endeavor. A labor of love!

Also in All Saints Hallway (featuring one saint for almost every day of the year) you will see a beautiful photo montage of Fr. Cekada’s life and apostolate. Judy Metz originally assembled these pictures for Fr. Cekada’s wake, and it seemed a shame to disperse them again. Susan McNally has arranged and framed them with an artistic eye. What a great way to remember a great priest. Remember him in your prayers.

The Firsts come this week, from St. Joseph’s Wednesday through First Saturday of this month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The McFathers are on the road, so read your bulletin and hear the Masses you can. On a thin week, we are still so enormously blessed.

May God bless you and break your chains at St. Peter’s

– Bishop Dolan