Pentecost XI

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Wet July this year merited the “Monsoon” moniker given to rainy weather in New Mexico. It always surprised me, as I associated Monsoon with exotic continents. In any case, dry August has arrived. Rain now is like a politician’s promises. You get everything but the actual rain itself.

But August also brings welcome garden produce. A kind family dropped off basil and the precious “real” tomatoes of the season recently. We are grateful for any and all offerings, as we have more mouths to feed. Thanks, too, to the Cucina Clerical cooks, who are taking such good care of seminarians and priests this Summer. It’s such a practical charitable help, and relief.

Did you know there is a connection between the “Dog Days” of August, and dogs? Last Wednesday’s St. Dominic is symbolized by a dog with a torch in its mouth, as seen by his pregnant mother, Blessed Jane, in a dream. Later in a Latin pun on his name, his Friars Preachers or Dominicans were called “the hounds of the Lord,” Domini Canes. August 4th is also the feast of St. Swithney, patron of mad dogs. Water from his well in Wales was used to cure rabies in dogs.

It’s unpleasantly hot around much of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of the year. The Romans have a saying that only “cane e Americani,” dogs and Americans, move about in August, and they leave the Eternal City to the tourists. The French all go on vacation at the same time, the month of August. Nevertheless, sacred vacation or no, they have continued to demonstrate, in the millions, even, against the “vax pass,” pure Chinese communism. But they face a formidable foe; all of the united forces of One World, with Bergoglio himself as their chaplain. Are we as determined as they? We shall see.

Air, oxygen, is a necessity, and therefore a right of man. Keep that in mind as they bring back the masks. Oxygen for the mind is truth. They have stolen that, too. We live in a world of lies. Take hope, though. Oxygen or the soul is prayer, and neither state nor Satan can take that away. Pray. Pray more than you used to. Pray quietly. Pray to quiet the soul, and establish order in your world. That is peace. And don’t forget to pray with us come Friday evening, for the peace that God alone can give, as we process together for the Rosary.

Even accounting for seasonal travel, attendance has been very good almost all Summer. I’m sure part of it comes thanks to Bergoglio’s attack on the true Mass. ’Tis an ill wind blows no one well. But welcome our guests and new members. We’ve printed up a “Little Missal” for the ushers to distribute to those without one. Always bring a prayer book to church. These new “missalettes” are also available for sale in the gift shop.

I’m in Milwaukee today, where a record twenty Confirmations are scheduled. Little St. Hugh is growing too! It’s started to rain, so it’s time for the ark, which is ready and open. Don’t wait
around to drown in the flood.

Big doings for next Sunday, the Assumption. Bring your flowers, herbs and produce to be blessed at 8:50, right in church at the shrine. Bring the children to the vestibule to process in with us, and like angels lay their flowers in Our Lady’s empty tomb. Assumption is Summer’s high point. Surely Mary Immaculate will hear “little children’s lisping prayer,” and “spare us over ’till another day.”

God bless you!
– Bishop Dolan