Pentecost XXII

Ending of Fatima Rosary Procession

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
I think we used up all of our “good weather coupons” last week, but oh was it lovely. I hope you all got a chance to enjoy your share. The cats certainly did. They finagled their way outside, as cats will, but thought to bring a thank you gift. One regular sized rabbit, dispatched, greeted us on the porch Monday morning. But they do come when called, or whistled (cats, not rabbits. The latter have now made themselves scarce.), as did the preceding, and much lamented feline duo, Caravaggio and Puccini. Never a dull moment here.

Meanwhile, over at Helfta, the cooks and confectioners ruled the day last week. The Autumn Bake Sale was a fast moving success, which gained our growing school $1,000. My sincere thanks.

Today we are concluding another Forty Hours Prayer, with great thanks to God. We here have such cause for gratitude: for protection, yea prosperity, in the midst of persecution; for peace in our midst, and steady growth in our numbers. After our devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacred Liturgy, it is the Rosary, now the 54-day Rosary Novena, which is not only our bulwark of defense, but also our “angelic battering ram.” Take up this weapon every day. We need it.

It seems, all of our prayers and confident devotions, to be working. Cracks in the fear façade of our foes have appeared, disunity in their camp. The dreadful results of the injection are being noised abroad. Workers are refusing to submit to the needle. Do not be intimidated! Resist. Courage, not Covid, is catchy.

So is a smile, a kind word, a welcome. We are blessed at St. Gertrude the Great to have not only such beautiful services in such variety and abundance, but also many an occasion to socialize, to get to know each other, especially over a donut…or more.

We are all so grateful for the many meals here. We remember that as with the magnificent Masses, much work is required. Thank God for the devotion of so many who help “behind the scenes” in different ways. So, come and take advantage of what we offer. Make yourselves at home. This is your home, for it is the House of God. Oh, by the way, yes, we always do welcome the offer of a helping hand.

We had a nice Rosary Confraternity Enrollment ceremony last Sunday. Stay tuned for more news on the subject. In the meantime, see you this evening? A short, sweet closing service, and some pizza, I hear, if you’d like to stay. on’t go too far away. This is your home. He calls you back.

May Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament be your life.
– Bishop Dolan