Holy Name of Jesus

Singing Matins before Midnight Mass

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
These days have been dark since the Winter Solstice, heavy with rain, and the cheering sun not to be seen. Still, the celebrations continue unabated, for Christ Our Savior is born. Even a funeral, especially a funeral must have its meal, and it was a fine one on the 16th for the funeral of Kyle McGuire. Thank you! Busy week. The decorations that Saturday went up well with the experienced hands of veterans at work, as well as newcomers arrived to share the effort…and the joy of a palace worthy of Our King.

Our next meal was the Midnight Supper refreshment after the long and so beautiful night watch of Matins and Carols and Pontifical Mass. Monday assembled a good representation of dedicated party people for the blessing of beverages and the Health of St. John. Tuesday brought out the little ones for yet another blessing and party. Excellent attendance, and stellar behavior for the poetry and the afternoon’s feature, Grimm’s Dear Milli. The teens were there too, reviving the card club. Somebody wanted to start up an adult card circle, maybe with pinochle. Anyone interested?

In the meantime, Fr. McKenna and I have been nursing Fr. McGuire. A lot of ’flu this winter, as is often the case. We’re praying he’s on the mend. Praying…yes, that continues. High Masses and Low, devotions and novenas gather together all of your, our petitions and prayers.

Please remember our seminarians in your prayers. They’re making another six-day retreat, as the Church prescribes, in preparation for receiving the Diaconate this Thursday, Epiphany. Come to the ordination at the 10:00 AM Mass: another historical and very happy event on the Feast of the Kings. Afterwards there’s a dinner in their honor and yours, as we thank all of our benefactors, volunteers, and church workers. Should be a beautiful day.

This is the second day of our new year, and I wish you a blessed one! First Friday falls this week, and the many intentions we bear call us to the Adoration, and the Reparation which we must offer to the Sacred Heart. This kind of prayer, this spiritual nourishment guarantees that this new year will be an excellent one.

With a blessing for all who read these words,

–Bp. Dolan