Epiphany III

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Today we continue the indulgenced Chair of Unity Octave Devotions, praying for the Return of the Fallen Away, an intention which could well occupy us for more than a day. In addition, we conclude another indulgenced devotion, the Twelve Sundays of the Mother of Good Counsel. Be sure to gain your Plenary Indulgence under the usual conditions, and confide all of the needs of our church, especially continuing temporal assistance and protection, to this loving Mother. Resolve as well to go to her first, before you make up your mind what to do. Thus is this devotion best practiced, and this Mother, so wise and bountiful, duly honored.

The cats, alas, are using their outside hours to hone their hunting skills. It was scheduled as exercise time. A previous pair finished off the chipmunks. These two kitties have their gimlet eye fixed upon the avian population, the noble Robin in particular. A deceased specimen was left, mafia-like, at our rectory front door, somewhat the worse for wear. They are impressive hunters though. At least cats remain true to nature.

When not so naturally occupied, the cats are devotedly nursing me during the night. Monday will be two weeks of this mild but lingering ’flu. I miss you all, and miss most of all offering Mass, oh…and of course preaching. I thank the Fathers, and soon we shall put the deacons on the roster. We are well provided for help these days, and it makes a difference.

I had originally thought to ordain our new priests in early autumn, so as to allow plenty of uncrowded preparation time. But all is going well, and the pressing needs of the apostolate urge us to think of Spring, so as to relieve a long overworked clergy, ever since Fr. Cekada’s illnesses a number of years ago, coupled with our growing congregations here and in the missions. While they will be available for “weekend help out,” the new priests will be able to complete their studies with the assistance of different priest professors here and by the internet.

So, God willing, the Ordination to the Holy Priesthood will be conferred on the Solemnity of St Joseph, First Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 10 AM. The midweek date makes it easier for visiting clergy to attend between Sundays. I hope this early announcement will make it possible for you to assist at this grand and rather historical event as well. The date enables us to doubly honor good St Joseph, patron of the priesthood, and first of all, Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy in her beautiful May month. May Mary and Joseph guide these four sons of theirs, and of St. Gertrude, to Jesus’ altar. I know I can count on your prayers for these future priests, and for all to go well.

God bless you!

–Bp. Dolan