✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
When Easter is late, we have a few quiet weeks in February. Well, not that quiet. We’re all engaged in Lenten planning as well as in February living. So far we’ve had the “Mass of Candles,” our Soup Supper, the Blessing of Throats, and a lovely St. Valentine’s Day, with the well themed sweets on offer last Sunday (thank you!), and the beautiful cards from the little ones on Monday.

On Friday we’re piously busy with the “Season of Novenas,” three right now. We celebrated Fr. McKenna’s 10th anniversary with a Solemn Mass and a nice lunch (and supper!) on February 11. With all, we remember our sick and dying and deceased, having sung the monthly Requiem last Wednesday. We blessed the sick last Sunday, and now each Friday evening.

Our deacons have increased their already serious studies in preparation for their coming ordination in May. Fr. McGuire has begun teaching them to say Mass. Their Moral Theology studies prepare them to hear confessions. During Lent the deacons will take turns preaching for the first four Sundays.

Busy as our seminarians are, they, we, very much appreciate the delivery of a meal which is of enormous help on a busy day. The deacons have been helping Janet in the sacristy during the time of her recovery. You could lend a hand as well… Cooking or cleaning.

Your participation in “Seminarian Sunday” is also appreciated. These “Sundays” have proven nice social events as well as great fundraisers. So, you see, no need to ask “What can I do?” Just look around and pitch in.

Still plenty of time to finish your Lenten planning. Our Friday Recollections will again be on offer, with a wonderful world of riches: Mass, sermon, supper, Stations, Novena and Benediction. But plan to start Lent as the Church does, with ashes on Wednesday, March 2nd: our Spring training.

Speaking of Spring, the wet and gray February 2nd day has accurately predicted, it seems, an early Spring. May it be so for our souls!

– Bishop Dolan