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Nature’s Struggle”  –Bp. Daniel Dolan


Pentecost IV

Photos from our Corpus Christi procession:

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
The feasts continue, for ‘tis the season. I write to you on the Octave Day of the Sacred Heart. The feast itself drew a fine congregation for the evening High Mass. Father’s Day saw a pretty much every-Sunday attendance, well-divided among the four Masses, which is good. The faithful stepped forward to assure the High Mass, as they do, and the singing was not good. It was excellent. Come and join the 9 o’clock choir. No rehearsals, no auditions, just the Church’s own music and our devotion increased by the beautiful melody of our hymns.

All of this reminds me of the African Martyrs under Diocletian. Forbidden to assemble for Sunday Mass, they responded, “Non possumus sine Dominica,” “We can’t make it without Sunday,” and merrily went to martyrdom and the eternal eighth day of Heaven. But they were Christians, you see.

The great feast days with which the June and early July calendars are sprinkled are little Sundays, to be kept in its spirit as best we can, living in a secular world which enviously regards the eighth day, much less feast days. So, it is wonderful that one of our choirs and some of our servers and faithful appear again in church, lest God be deprived of glory, and we the joy of worship…and celebrations.

Such was the St. John’s Eve, last Thursday. But when the beautiful Solemn Mass was done, what a treat awaited us! We prayed (we always do) to the Infant for good weather, and were awarded with a perfect June evening, cool and sunny for our cloister supper and socializing. An abundant spread materialized, as did many of you. Old faithful met new families, and little children quickly formed friendships. Dusk seemed to fall quickly this year. All too soon it was time to bless the bonfire to mark the shortest night, and sing again to St. John. Our Lady’s Rosary concluded the evening beautifully. Our joy was increased by Fr. Cekada’s visit to the festivities. He enjoyed his brat enormously.

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May 2020 Newsletter

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