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This Week:


God. It’s All About God.”  –Bp. Daniel Dolan


Lent VI – Palm Sunday

Above is from Palm Sunday, 2016. This year we will certainly miss Rich VandeRyt, and of course Fr. Cekada, who is still in the hospital.

✠ The Bishop’s Corner ✠
Palm Sunday leads us into the losses, the dark defeat of Holy Week, with a scene of splendid homage and joy for the victory of our King. In the midst of the desolation of these days, a great victory was granted us. There was much talk last week of closing down the remaining churches. We prayed. Mightily. We were heard, speedily. Not a word more was said of closing churches. Thanks be to God, to the Divine Infant, to the Holy Face…. All of these graces come to us through “Mary of Graces” with the help of Good St. Joseph. Many people prayed. Thank you for yours. On to Holy Week and Easter. Our story always has a happy ending.

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Holy Week 2020 Newsletter

St. Gertrude the Great Holy Week 2020 Newsletter is now available. Bp. Dolan discusses our very difficult Lent, 2020.

Holy Week Newsletter

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