Lessons in the Faith

Lessons in the Catholic Faith (Book, PDF)

01. Why We Believe

02. Proof for the Existence of God

03. Prayer, Angels and Devils

04. Our Life and God’s Grace

05. Purgatory and Hell

06. Earthy and Heavenly Paradise

07. Mortal and Venial Sin

08. Mortal Sin, The Greatest Evil in the World

09. Jesus Christ, Divine and Human

10. The Catholic Church is the One True Church

11. Religion’s Bottom Line: Authority

12. The Four Marks of the Church

13. The Double Edge Sword of Authority

14. Why You Should Not Become a Catholic

15. Baptism: A Beginning, Not an End

16. The Catholic and the Holy Ghost

17. Unless You Eat My Flesh

18. It is the Mass That Matters

19. Confession, The Sacrament of Penance

20. The Priesthood and Holy Orders

21. The Sacrament of Marriage 1/3: God Made Marriage

22. The Sacrament of Marriage 2/3: Sins Against Marriage

23. The Sacrament of Marriage 3/3: As Our Lord Intends

24. The Last Sacrament: Extreme Unction

25. Catholic Customs and Practice