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Solemnity of St. Joseph

April 29, 2007 – Solemnity of St. Joseph – Easter III – St. Peter Martyr

Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, with commemoration and Last Gospel of Easter III. Children’s Confessions are heard at 10:45 AM today. We continue our traditional annual Novena to St. Joseph today, and begin the Triduum in honor of the Holy Child Jesus, Doctor of the Sick. The Blessing of the Sick follows all Masses. Votive Vespers of St. Joseph will be sung at 4:45 PM.

This Week

Please note the full and expanded Mass schedule this week, in order to allow you to keep one or more of the beautiful feast days with us…Doctor Jesus, Ss Philip & James, the Opening of the Month of May, the great St. Athanasius, the Finding of the Holy Cross, St. Monica, First Friday, St. Pius V and Our Lady of Consolation, First Saturday. If each one of our faithful would attend one Mass this week, how well they would be attended, how many graces would flow!
Note: As usual, the Tuesday and Friday PM Masses are at 5:45 PM, the “extra” Masses this week on Monday and Thursday are at 5:00 PM.

Tuesday – May Devotions
On Tuesday we open the Month of May at 3:00 PM with the Litany of Loretto and Benediction. An afternoon Mass is at 5:45 PM. Daily May Devotions are at 3:10 PM – a short but sweet service to show our love for Our Lady. Parents, grandparents and just about everyone are cordially invited to join us on school days.

Thursday – Holy Cross Day
Thursday is a Feast of Devotion, the Eastertide Feast of the Cross—the Finding of the Holy Cross and the First Thursday of the month. Mass is at 11:30 AM followed by the Blessing with the Relic of the True Cross and the Blessing of Palm Crosses. Palm Crosses are powerful sacramentals. Be sure to take some home with you after the blessing. An afternoon Mass is at 5:00 PM.

First Friday
The schedule is as follows:
10:45 AM Confessions
11:30 AM High Mass & Benediction
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Opening of Our Lady of Conso-lation Pilgrimage
5:20 PM Stations of the Cross & Confessions
5:45 PM Low Mass, Exposition, Sacred Heart Novena, Confessions
Adoration Continues All Night
7:00 PM Pilgrimage Potluck Supper
8:00 PM Holy Hour & Meditated Rosary
9:00 PM Holy Communion
The Intention of the All Night Adoration: In honor of Our Lady of Consolation for all of our intentions.

First Saturday
Reparation Intention: For false devotion and false apparitions.
6:30 AM Low Mass
7:00 AM Confessions
7:15 AM Joyful Mysteries
7:30 AM Low Mass
8:10 AM First Sat. Devotions, Rosary
8:45 AM Closing Benediction
9:00 AM High Mass & Closing Procession
followed by Pilgrims’ Brunch

Next Sunday
Next Sunday is the First Sunday of the Month. The Blessing of Religious Articles follows all Masses. The Special Monthly Second Collection is for Our Seminary.

Set your missal: May 6th. Easter IV – St. John Before the Latin Gate. Vidi Aquam, with the commemoration of St. John Before the Latin Gate. Pref: Easter.

to Erin Rose Coffey who was received into the Church and Confirmed Saturday, April 21st.

Prayers Please…
for the repose of the soul of the Mother of Joe Bayer, Stella; and for Bill Bendel who is sick.