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Pentecost XIII

August 26, 2007 -Pentecost XIII-
St. Zephyrinus, PM

Today is the Fourth Sunday of the Month. Confessions will be heard before and during all Masses.

Catechism Registration
Attention All Parents: It’s that time of year! Good bye summer and hello Catechism registration. Registration dates are Today and Sunday, September 2nd in Helfta Hall following the 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM Masses.

Miss Patton, Mrs. Hille, Mrs. French, and Mr. Keaveney are all returning to teach this year. We have two new well-trained teachers who have generously offered their time and talents: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johns, who will be teaching High School and post-First Communion respectively. Welcome all teachers to a new year and thank you very much for your tremendous dedication and sacrifice.

Parents, it is of the utmost importance that our young ones be fully armed in the tenants of the Faith in these tumultuous times. We look forward to seeing you at registration.

This week
Ladies Evening of Recollection
The Ladies Evening of Recollection sponsored by the Mothers’ Union, will be Friday, August 31, in Helfta Hall. Mass is scheduled for 5:45 PM followed by Confessions at 6:45 PM. The Ladies spiritual talk with Bishop Dolan is scheduled for 7:00 PM after which refreshments will be served.

Thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony
We continue our traditional summer devotion of the Thirteen Tuesdays of St. Anthony this week at the 11:30 AM Mass. Evening Mass is at 5:45 PM. St. Anthony is a powerful, universal intercessor. Bring your needs to him!

First Saturday
This week we have a “detached” First Saturday, honoring Our Lady on the very first day of Her Birthday month. Please remember to make your First Saturday Communion, Meditation and Rosary in reparation to Her heart. Masses are at 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM. (Sorry for the continuing confusion). Bishop Dolan will lead a Meditated Rosary and First Saturday devotions at 7:30 AM.

Parent & Teacher meeting
There is a parent/teacher meeting on Thursday, August 30th at 7:00 PM in Helfta Hall. All parents of children attending St. Gertrude the Great School must be present.

Next Sunday
First Sunday of the month. Set your missal: September 2nd-Mass of Pentecost XIV with the commemoration of St. Stephen, and of Our Lady and All the Saints. Preface: The Holy Trinity.
The blessing of religious articles is available after all Masses.
Our special second collection goes to our seminary.

An easy St. Philomena prayer:
Recite the Apostles Creed three times, one for the perseverance of the just, the second for the conversion of sinners, and the third for the conversion of heretics and infidels.