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Pentecost XVIII

September 30, 2007 Angel Sunday-Pentecost XVIII St. Jerome, CD
Confessions will be heard before and during all Morning Masses
The Blessing of Children and the dedication to their Guardian Angel takes place today after all Masses.
Fifth Sunday of the Month. Vespers and Benediction at 1:10 PM.

October Devotions
The October Devotions (Rosary, Litany and Prayer to St. Joseph) are recited every school day at 3:10 PM. Every Wednesday the Rosary is recited before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed at 3:00 PM, with Benediction and Holy Communion at approximately 3:30 PM. Come join our children in prayer!

Catholic Men & Boys
For over five years, now, it has been our policy that Catholic men and boys are to wear a suit coat or jacket, and a tie, to Sunday Mass. This old Catholic custom both expresses and teaches respect for God’s Day and House and Sacrifice. There always are a few who take a stand “on principle” to appear at Sunday Mass in very casual or even sloppy dress. They will be asked to appear somewhere else if they refuse to follow this reasonable little rule. “Deo Optimi Maxima–To God the Greatest Our Best”. –Bishop Dolan

This Week:
A week of Feasts
Monday the Opening of The Month of the Holy Rosary and the Angels is observed with the first of our October Devotions at 3:10 PM. Please make the sacrifice to join us.
Tuesday is the feast of the holy Guardian Angels.
Wednesday is the feast of the “Little Flower,” St. Therese of the Child Jesus.
Thursday is First Thursday and we greet the gentle St. Francis of Assisi and pray for all of our priests.

First Friday
Friday is the First Friday of the month. The schedule is as follows:
• Confessions: 11:00 AM
• High Mass & Benediction: 11:30 AM
• October Devotions: 3:10 PM
• Rosary & Confessions: 5:15 PM
• Low Mass & Exposition: 5:45 PM
• The Sacred Heart Novena, First Friday Devotions & Confessions follow Mass. Adoration continues all night.
• Potluck Supper: 7:00 PM
• Holy Hour with October Devotions: 8:00 PM
The intention for the All Night Adoration is: That Christ may reign as King over society by the Rosary.

First Saturday
•Confessions: 6:15 AM
•Low Mass: 6:30 AM
•Rosary & First Saturday Devotions: 7:10 AM •Benediction: 7:45 AM
•High Mass: 8:00 AM
Reparation Intention: For those Catholics who will not say the Rosary, or say it poorly, and for Protestants and Modernists who blaspheme it.
Won’t you find time at least once this week to come to an additional Mass? There are so many beautiful feasts to choose from; surely one will touch your heart and fit your schedule.

Next Sunday
Next Sunday is the feast of The Most Holy Rosary and the first Sunday of the month. The Blessing of Religious Articles follows all the Low Masses. The Second Collection is for our Seminary and Mission Support. Early Vespers and Benediction and October Devotions are at 4:30 PM.
Set your missal– Feast of the Rosary Preface: of the BVM Last Gospel: Pentecost XIX.

Alter Christus
The “Little Church” will be in the vestibule next week. The ushers are collecting alms for the Alter Christus Confraternity to support priests who might not otherwise receive help. Please be generous.

Rosary Confraternity news
October 7th: Rosary Sunday / annual Rosary Confraternity Communion Breakfast
Our annual Rosary Sunday blessing of roses to be carried in the procession may be purchased before the 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM Masses.
The Rosary Confraternity will lead the outdoor procession after the 9:00 AM Mass.
All Rosary Confraternity members are invited to attend the High Mass in a body, wear their rosary medal and walk in the procession, as well as attend the breakfast afterwards. Rosaries will be blessed (with all indulgences) at all Masses.
The Annual Rosary Confraternity Communion Breakfast follows the High Mass and Procession.

Due to the procession, Sunday Catechism Classes are cancelled next week. The Children are urged to walk in the Procession.

Our prayers and best wishes to Joseph and Jennifer Manzardo on the baptism of their daughter, Macie Marie, on Saturday, September 29th.