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Pentecost XXIV

November 11th, 2007 – Pentecost XXIV – Veterans Day – St. Martin of Tours, BpC – St. Mennas, M – Patronage of Our Lady
Catechism classes resume today at 10:30 AM. It is the Feast of the Patronage of Our Lady, and the opening of our annual devotion of the 12 Sundays of Our Mother of Good Counsel. Absolution at the Catafalque and Rosary for all those who have died in all of our wars are at 11:00 AM. Our annual Rosary Procession for the Faithful departed, sponsored by the Rosary Confraternity, will be at 3:30 PM. Members of the parish are invited to take part in this beautiful suffrage for the poor souls. We will be visiting St. Stephen’s Cemetery in Hamilton.

Ordination News
On Friday of this week, November 16, the Reverend Mister Marcus Ramolla will be ordained to the priesthood at St. Gertrude the Great at 10:00 AM. A catered reception will follow in Helfta Hall. Children ages 11 & under will be accomodated in one of the school classrooms. Miss Sharon Patton has graciously offered to supervise but is seeking other assistants. Please RSVP using the sign-up sheet located in the vestibule or contact the church office. We are seeking volunteers to help with decorating the night before, to coordinate final touches in the hall on friday and to facilitate clean up after the celebration. Any time that can be spared is greatly appreciated. The abstinence on Friday is dispensed for those who attend the ordination.

All Saints’ Contest Winners
Best Group Presentation & Costume: Arlinghaus Children (Poor Souls) Pre K Best Presentation: Kuebler Brothers (Joseph O.T.) Pre K Best Costume: Cecilia Simpson (O.L. Consolation) K Best Presentation: Nathan Harkleroad (St. Francis) K Best Costume: Gabriel Kunkel (St. John, Ev.) Gr. 1-2 Best Presentation: Joseph Simpson (St. Polycarp) Gr. 1-2 Best Costume: Florence Lotarski (St. Margaret of Scotland) Gr. 3-4 Best Presentation: Andrew Richesson (St. Gregory the Great) Gr. 3-4 Best Costume: Peter Duff (St. Jerome) Gr. 5-7 Best Presentation: Francis Puglielli (St. George) Gr. 5-7 Best Costume: Thomas Simpson (St. George)

I thank our creative and devoted parents, and their dedicated young saints for a very impressive and edifying All Saints Sunday. How much we enjoyed seeing the little ones in their costumes which testified to so much imagination and hard work. Thanks, too, to Mark and Joan Lotarski for the beautifully decorated Helfta Hall, the well organized program and the very nice party. Thanks for coaxing the nervous children and drying the tears of our traumatized saints. I thank our fine panel of judges, and concur with their decisions. I was happy to see good Missal saints such as St. Jerome, and St. Margaret, as well as some of Our Lady’s titles, and the Old Testament Josephs. My overall favorite was the “Purgatory Tableau” presented by the Arlinghaus children, replete with the plaintive, authentic cries of the Poor Souls. Special detail mention goes to St. Apolonia, patroness of dentists and toothaches who had her teeth blacked out, and carried pliers. I enjoyed the repartee, as well, with some of the adults and the ever witty Father Cekada. “A fine time was had by all” thanks again. Blessed be God in His Saints! –Bishop Dolan

Alter Christus
$134.00 were collected last week for Masses to support our good priests throughout the world, both materially and spiritually. God reward your generosity to our “other Christs,” as well as the generous seminary collection last Sunday for our “future Christs”.

Tots, Tears, and the Table of Our Lord
1) We love to have our children walk in processions at church throughout the year. Last Sunday was a wonderful, and moving example. We were all charmed and touched-not so all the little ones. Some are terrified unto tears at the prospect of being away from mom for the duration, and put up quite a fuss beforehand, or escape from the front pews to find familial solace during the Mass. Parents, let’s spare everyone the trauma, and the tears. Allow those who are still too young to stay with you, and try for the procession another year.
2) Sometimes when I survey the Sunday Communion rail, bright with so many eager little faces, I fear we will have an unscheduled First Holy Communion. Although our parents are very good about teaching their children to bow the head or put a finger over their mouths if they are too young to receive, being children, the dear little ones don’t always remember. Our ever helpful servers often place the paten under underage chins, and the priests may not be averting to the fact that a First Communion looms. Alas! what to do? Parents, please leave older children in the pew, and take with you only those you really must. These must be trained to bow down their little heads for a blessing. Should they forget, Father will try to remind you. Let’s all work together to keep our First Communions on Corpus Christi. –Bishop Dolan

Help Wanted
The St. Gertrude church office is seeking to fill the full-time position of parish secretary. The hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. This is a very interesting and gratifying job with nary a dull moment. Tasks are many and varied. A professional demeanor and pleasant telephone etiquette are preferred. Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Word and other software is necessary. Training is available until November 23rd, therefore we are seeking to fill the position immediatly. Please contact either Bishop Dolan or Father Cekada.

Next Sunday
The First Solemn High Mass of Father Ramolla, is at 9:00 AM. You are invited to a reception directly afterwards. The new priest’s first blessing may be received after his Mass on Saturday or Sunday. Catechism classes are cancelled. Set your missal: The Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss Peter & Paul; Nov. 18. Commemorations: of Epiphany VI and of the Octave of St. Gertrude. Last Gospel: of Epiphany VI