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Advent II


Advent II – Within the Octave
Today is the Second Sunday in Advent. The Legion of Decency Pledge will take place at all Masses. Early Advent Vespers are sung at 1:10 PM with Benediction.

Alter Christus
Many thanks to those who contributed to the “little church” last Sunday. The Alter Christus Confraternity received $200.00 for Masses to help support priests and their sanctification

Bake Sale and Raffle
Next Sunday, December 16th, is our St. Gertrude the Great Craft, Bake Sale, and Raffle. Are your projects ready? Find a way to help, spread some cheer and enjoy this parish event. Raffle tickets will be sold again today following all Masses. All crafts and raffle prizes should be at the church by now. Baked goods may be delivered on Saturday, December 15th, for Sunday, December 16th.

Church Decorating
This year, due to the craft, bake sale and raffle taking place on Sunday the 16th, and with Christmas near mid-week, we have decided to decorate the church a bit later than usual. Beginning Monday, the 17th and Tuesday the 18th, we would like men to come in the afternoon and/or evening to put up the “big” decorations (roping, wreaths, trees, lights, etc.) Ladies, we plan to do the “finishing” work from Wednesday the 19th thru Saturday the 22nd. We hope this will allow more of you to pick a time convenient for your busy schedule to come and help. If you can come, please call Katie 513-251-3895, Sister 513-703-1330 or the Church Office 513-645-4212. We need to know, and we need your help!

Poinsettia Memorial
We are welcoming contributions to defray the cost of the Christmas flowers. If you wish to make your donation in memory of a loved one, please fill out the special Poinsettia Offering envelope available in the vestibule and pews. To have your loved one included in the special Christmas memorial program, please turn in your envelope no later than December 19th.

Christmas Mass Novena
Remember your loved ones in our Christmas Novena of Masses which begin Christmas Day — the perfect gift! Envelopes may be found in the vestibule and the Gift Shop. Fill them out and return them to the Church Office or the collection basket. Envelopes must be turned in no later than December 19th.

Next Sunday
Next Sunday is the Third Sunday of the Month. Christmas Confessions will be heard before and during all Masses. Our special Children’s Christmas Collection for: Fr. Leslie’s African Mission will take place in church and in the catechism classrooms. The Blessing of Expectant Mothers follows all Masses. The Christmas Craft, Bake Sale and Raffle will be in Helfta Hall after all Masses. Vespers and Benediction are at 4:45 PM.

Set your Missal: December 16th. Third Sunday in Advent – Gaudete. With the commemoration of St. Eusebius, BpM. Pref: Trinity.

2008 Collection Envelopes
The 2008 Collection envelopes are available in the vestibule. Please pick up your envelopes today.

2008 Roman Catholic Calendar
This year’s calendar is available for purchase in the Book Store. The price is $6.00. Every Catholic home should have a traditional calendar.

In Your Charity…
Please pray for Henry Sieverding, Eileen Bartels, who is in the hospital recovering from surgery, Althea LeBlanc, (now in a nursing home), Mother Mary de Montfort, and for all of our sick and shut-in.

Upcoming Events

December 16th: Children’s Christmas Collection for A Poor African Missionary.
Again this year we are collecting a Christmas Alms on Sunday, December 16th, both in church and in the Catechism Classes. Fr. Eldred Leslie is an elderly, poor missionary priest in South Africa. He is faithful to the true Church and Mass, and lives in very difficult conditions. A truly worthy priest and Confessor of the Faith, Fr. Leslie knew our own dear Fr. Randolph and is like him, a convert to the Faith. His only request is for money which can be used to give alms to the poor unclothed, shoeless children who besiege him whenever he steps out of his house. Please be generous. Sunday, December 23rd it will the Adults turn. “And opening their treasures, they offered Him gifts…”

December 17th – 22nd: Christmas Church Decorating

January 4th: Opening of 40 Hours Devotion

Knights of the Sacred Heart / St. Angela Merici Girls’ Group
Due to the upcoming holiday season, the Monday afternoon meeting of the Knights of the Sacred Heart and the St. Angela Merici Girls’ Group will be suspended from December 17th through January 7, 2008. Meetings will resume on Monday, January 14th.


• Monday, December 24th –
Christmas Eve Schedule – Morning
8:00 AM: The Office of Prime
9:00 AM: High Mass
1:15 PM: 1st Vespers of Christmas
• Sunday, December 24th –
Christmas Eve Schedule – Evening
8:30 PM: The Office of Matins
10:30 PM: Carols
10:45 PM: Entrance of the Bishop, Blessing of the Crib & Vesting
11:15 PM: Midnight Mass followed by The Office of Lauds
A Potluck Supper follows Midnight Mass. If you are planning on coming, please bring a dish to share.

• Tuesday, December 25th –
Christmas Day
9:00 AM: Low Mass & Benediction, with String Quartet
11:00 AM: Low Mass with Carols
3:30 PM: Vespers of Christmas Day