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March, 2008 Archives

Strong, Theological Faith —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Low Sunday

Low Sunday

New Sermons Posted Today Sixth Friday in Lent March 30, 2008 – Low Sunday. Today is Quasimodo Sunday, also known as Low Sunday and Sunday in Albis (White). First Vespers of the Feast of the Annunciation and Benediction at 1:10 PM. Monday: March 31st – The transferred Feast of the Annunciation. High Mass at 11:25 […]

The Blessing of Thomas —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

New Sermons Posted Today First Friday in Lent Second Friday in Lent Fourth Friday in Lent Maundy Thursday Good Friday Holy Saturday Easter Sunday March 23, 2008 – Easter Sunday. A very blessed Easter to each of you, dear faithful, friends, family and visitors. You are all remembered in a special way in our Masses […]

Waiting in Silence —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Holy Saturday

When to Look & When to Look Away —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Good Friday

The Flood —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Maundy Thursday

The Donkey —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

March 16, 2008 Palm Sunday. Today is Palm Sunday. Please feel free to take extra palm home for family and friends. Vespers and Benediction are at 4:45 PM. Tenebrae Tenebrae, Latin for “darkness” is a special Holy Week liturgy featuring passiontide music spanning medieval chant and Renaissance polyphony including Gregorio Allegri’s sublime setting of Psalm […]

Our Lady, Health of the Sick —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

Lent V, Passion Sunday

‘Jesus Hid Himself.’ How to Find Him. —Bp. Daniel Dolan

Passion Sunday

The Eucharist: A Remedy for our Ills —Fr. Anthony Cekada

Lent IV

Lent IV, Laetare Sunday

March 2, 2008 – Lent IV – Laetare Today is Rose or Laetare Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Lent. The Rose vestments, flowers and organ are emblematic of joy at the closeness of Easter. Fr. Cekada and Fr. Saavedra will hear confessions today before and during the morning Masses. This Sunday is also the First […]