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The Solemnity of St. Joseph / Easter III

April 13, 2008 – The Solemnity of St. Joseph and Easter III.
Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, with the commemoration and Last Gospel of the Third Sunday after Easter. Children’s confessions will be heard by Fr. Saavedra at 10:30 AM.

Reparation and Protection
Your assistance is urgently needed on Friday April 18th. On this day the head of the One-World Church, Joseph Ratzinger, will be meeting with the leaders of the One-World Government, the United Nations, in New York City. No good will come from this, but rather great offense to God with the advancement of the agenda of the One-Worlders. A full Rosary for reparation and protection will be prayed at church before the Blessed Sacrament exposed at 4:45 Friday afternoon. Please come and pray with us, or at least organize rosary groups of family and friends to repair God’s honor and protect His Church on this very sad day. Please spread this message to as many souls as possible.

A Double Day
For the third year, we will celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Consolation by hosting a pilgrimage right here in our own church, venerating the beautiful image of Our Lady of Consolation we are privileged to possess. This year’s observance will combine the pilgrimage (procession, special Mass & prayers, a meal) with a day of recollection (special spiritual talks, and the meditated rosary). The opening procession and devotions are at 8:15 AM on Saturday, April 19th. High Mass is at 9:00 AM, and is followed by a brunch. The spiritual conference will then be given, with closing devotions in church. The day will conclude a little after noon. Please come! Please spread the word and invite others to do so.

Alter Christus Confraternity Alms
Your kind generosity last Sunday, totaling $220.00 in alms, allows us to continue to support priests who might not otherwise receive help. Thank you for your continued assistance!

Next Sunday
Blessing of Expectant Mothers will be available at the communion rail after all Masses. Set your missal: Easter IV; Vidi Aquam; 2nd Collect of Our Lady, 3rd Collect Against the Persecutors. Preface of Easter.

Upcoming Events
Friday, April 25th: The Greater Litanies. Join our school children at 11:00 AM for the Litany of the Saints, Procession, and Mass.

Monday, April 28th, Tuesday April 29th, Wednesday, April 30th: The Rogation Days and Lesser Litanies.

Lumen Christi
For the next fortnight the Sanctuary Lamp will burn before the Blessed Sacrament in Honor of St. Joseph
The Charles Simpson Family