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Pentecost IX

July 13, 2008, Pentecost IX
Children’s confessions are at 10:30 this morning. Summer Sunday Vespers and Benediction and Precious Blood Devotions resume at 4:45 PM. Today’s topic: From Permanence to Instability: Joseph Ratzinger’s Attacks on the Nature of Dogmatic Truth. Join us for our July Fatima Rosary Procession at 7 o’clock this evening at the First Watch parking lot, Union Centre Blvd. and Floer Drive.

This Week
Our full schedule of Masses resumes this week. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday we continue our Thirteen Tuesdays in honor of St. Anthony.

Wednesday should be a particular day of devotion for all who wear the scapular, for it is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This might be a good day to get up early for the beautiful, quiet 6:30 AM Mass. High Mass will be sung in Our Lady’s honor at 5:00 PM.

“Charity Row” commences with St. Camillus of Lellis on Friday, continuing with calendar saints known for love of God and neighbor through next Monday. Show your love of God by going to Friday’s 5:45 PM Mass, or at least Sacred Heart Novena and Benediction at approximately 6:30 PM.

Next Sunday
Enrollment in the Brown Scapular is available directly after all Masses for those who have never received it. The Blessing of Expectant Mothers is available as well, following the Scapular enrollment.

Set your missal: Pentecost X, with a commemoration of St. Jerome Emilian and St. Margaret. Preface of the Trinity.

Don’t Forget!
When you are away this summer don’t forget that our expenses continue at church. Please send us your usual weekly contribution envelope.