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The Exaltation of the Cross

This Week

Monday, The Seven Sorrows
We keep the beautiful feast of Mary’s Mystic death on Calvary, the source of her dignity as Mediatrix of Graces. Holy Mass is at 11:25 AM and 5 PM.

Remember the Ember Days this week, and sanctify these days of penance by the joyful sacrifice of hearing an extra Mass. Monday through Thrusday, the schedule is the same, with the additional early morning Mass at 6:30 Ember Wednesday, the Stigmata of St. Francis.

Ember Friday brings us the great miracle worker St. Januarius, and Our Lady of LaSalatte as well. Remember early evening Mass with devotions and Benediction at 5:45 PM.

Don’t forget to observe Ember Saturday as well. Hear Holy Mass to honor Our Lady: 7:30 and 8:00 AM.

Next Sunday
The parish picnic follows the 11:30 AM Mass. The blessing of the sick in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows is available after all Masses, followed by the Blessing of Expectant Mothers. Set your missal: St. Matthew, (Sept. 21st) with commoration and Last Gospel of Pentecost XIX. Simple Benediction follows the 11:30 Mass.

Upcoming Events
Rosary Sunday is Oct. 5th and Kathleen Plumb the publisher of the “Four Marks” will give a talk after the 9 AM Mass and during the breakfast.

Holy Name Society
The “Holy Name Society” never really got off the ground because the organizer moved away early on. So, we are just using this name for our men’s group. Won’t you join? No fees, no meetings, except the occasional spiritual talk followed by socializing. The next meeting is Friday evening Sept. 26th at 7:00 PM. Bishop Dolan will be speaking on: “An Example of Courage.”

Parish Picnic
Our Annual Parish Picnic is next Sunday, September 21th. Join us anytime between 1-5:00 PM at “Council Bluffs Shelter” in Sharon Woods Park for an afternoon of games, good food and great company. We’re providing the hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks; you bring the rest.

Lost and Found
There are missals, clothing, miscellaneous things in the Social Hall in the Lost and Found box. If you have lost items, please check in the box. Items will be discarded or given away in 30 days if not picked up.

Rosary Confraternity Notice
If you are a member of the Rosary Confraternity, please pay the annual dues of $10 per family to Debbie Wilker.

Live SGG Mass Simulcasts
We are nowbroadcasting some of our Masses live on the web. Please spread the good news to your friends! http://www.sgg.org/for-newcomers/mass-streaming/
School Days: 11:25 AM & Sundays: 9:00 AM See SGG bulletin for Holy Days and major feasts.