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Holy Week 2009

Mon 4/6/09 Monday in Holy Week
11:25 AM High Mass †Inez Dryden (Kirby & Jean Bischel)
12:20 PM Vespers
5:00 PM Low Mass Thomas J. Keaveney (Gerry Keaveney)

Tues 4/7/09 Tuesday in Holy Week
11:25 AM High Mass †Fr. Eldred Leslie (Wanke Family)
12:20 PM Vespers
5:00 PM Low Mass Poor Souls for Mattingly Family Conversions (MAW)

Wed 4/8/09 Spy Wednesday
6:30 AM Low Mass Conversion of Family
(Mr. & Mrs. A. Capetillo)
8:00 AM Low Mass Intentions of Bernie Brueggemann
(Tom Simpson)
9:00 AM High Mass Frances Amico – Happy Birthday
(Your Children) (from 4/11/09)
10:30 AM Vespers
6:30 PM The Office of Tenebrae
9:30 PM Church decorating for Holy Thursday
Thur 4/9/09 Maundy Thursday
9:00 AM Pontifical High Mass For All of Our Priests and Seminarians
(Bishop Dolan)
Blessing of the oils, Procession to the Altar of Repose, Vespers, Stripping of the Altar, Potluck Luncheon

Adoration continues at the Sepulchre until
12:00 Noon on Good Friday

1:30 PM The Maundy (Washing of the feet.)
6:30 PM The Office of Tenebrae
11:00 PM Rosary Confraternity Holy Hour

All Night Adoration Continues

Fri 4/10/09 Good Friday
11:30 AM Stations of the Cross
12:00 PM Tre Ore
12:15 PM Mass of the Presanctified
Adoration of the Cross, Vespers
2:15 PM Tre Ore Devotions and Sermon
3:00 PM Blessing with the Relic of the True Cross
It is a fine tradition to keep silent from Noon to three O’Clock on Good Friday
3-4:00 PM Confessions
6:30 PM The Office of Tenebrae
8:30 PM Church Decorating for Holy Saturday
Come when you can, leave when you must.

Sat 4/11/09 Holy Saturday
8:00 AM Easter Vigil: For Our Choir & Servers
(Bishop Dolan) Blessing of the Fire, Prophecies, Blessing of the Font, Holy Baptism, First Mass of Easter, Vespers, Blessing of Easter Food
4-5:00 PM Confessions

Sun 4/12/09 Easter Sunday
6:00 AM Easter Matins and Lauds
7:30 AM Easter Sunrise Mass: Easter Novena I
9:00 AM Solemn High Mass †Ellen Amyx (4th Anniversary) (Gary Amyx)
11:30 AM Low Mass John Donadio and Philip (Jane Donadio) with
4:00 PM Vespers
No evening services on Easter

Bishop’s Corner

Every now and again in the Ohio Valley (which, weather – wise, can be a real “Vale of Tears”) God gives us a perfect Spring day: a bright sun without heat which burns quietly in a blue sky and grass carpeting the earth in Gaelic green, weedless save for the odd edible dandelion. Such days are rare here. More common are the heavy humid hours of early Spring, high in barometric pressure with tornadoes waiting in the wings of the wind.
But such a perfect day in Spring was Monday, and I was glad to steal a few hours late in the now long day for some quiet, after so many busy days in Mexico, or with my mother’s death. So I took some time to sit on a stone in our “back forty” and pray my rosary with Vivaldi and Puccini, who were rather reverent throughout, given they are cats. It was good to have a little quiet before the so busy days of Holy Week.
But if quiet days and wonderful weather often are wanting us, it is good to remember the wonderful abundance that awaits us within – within our church. An abundance of blessed palm today greets us, and an abundance of holy rites and ceremonies calls us every week but especially this Great Week, (as the liturgy names it) calls us back to church.
Oh, don’t forget (I really hope you won’t!) all of the abundant matter for reading and meditation you have received this Lent. Take time this Holy Week to read the precious pamphlet on Perfect Contrition kindly provided us by Bishop McKenna. It is geared to save souls. Resolve to start praying the St. Bridget Prayers. Honoring Christ’s Passion will bring you and yours so many graces. Make the Stations, at home or in church.
Abundance and want….Think of it this Palm Sunday. In the “real world” of God, the artificial market and virtual money of the usurers do not prevail at the price of peace. Gods’ Providence determines all things, from weather to reading material. He is never outdone in generosity. This Holy Week, let us leave the world and its worries for a few days of peace with the Passion of Our Lord.
Let me say again how grateful I am for your kind expressions of sympathy, and the abundance of prayers for my mother. Everything passed so very peacefully. I know it was your prayers which made the difference. God reward you with a profound and ever so peaceful feast of the Passion these holy last days of Lent.
With a blessing in Christ our King,
-Bishop Dolan