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The Finding of the Holy Cross

Mon 5/4/09 St. Monica, W
11:25 AM High Mass †Rosemary Dolan (Regina Gilliam)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass In honor of St. Peregrine for Betty Tackett

Tues 5/5/09 St. Pius V, PC
11:25 AM High Mass Conversion of Family Mr//Mrs. A Capetillo
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass In Honor of St. Pius V for all of us, especially those
who use or invoke his name.

Wed 5/6/09 Octave Day of St. Joseph
St. John Before the Latin Gate
6:30 AM Low Mass †Mrs. Dolan (Cindy Beaver)
11:25 AM High Mass Happy Birthday Mr. Duff (The Choir)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Godchildren (GPK)

Thur 5/7/09 First Thursday
St. Stanislaus, BpM
11:25 AM High Mass For the Sanctification of Priests
(Altar Christus Confraternity)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Kathleen West (Mario Derksen)
7:00 PM Compline

Fri 5/8/09 Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
11:00 AM Confessions
11:25 AM High Mass Poor Souls (Tom & Stella Simpson)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Opening Procession, Rosary and Triduum Devotions to Our Lady of
5:45 PM Low Mass In Honor of Our Lady of Consolation, for the intentions
of her pilgrimage, Stations, Novena and Benediction followed by Pilgrimage Supper.

Sat 5/9/09 Feast of Our Lady of Consolation
St. Gregory Nazianzen BpCD
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude
8:00 AM Sermon and Low Mass Our Lady of Consolation, Thanksgiving and
further petitions, May Devotions
and Thanksgiving

Sun 5/10/09 Mother’s Day, Easter IV
St. Antoninus, BpC, Ss Gordian & Epimachus, Mm
7:30 AM Low Mass Paul & Lisa McConnell (Faith Schappacher)
9:00 AM High Mass For All of Our Mothers living and deceased
Procession and May Crowning
11:30 AM Low Mass Henry & Thelma Sieverding 50th Wedding Anniversary
(Teresa Meyer)
4:45 PM Vespers, May Devotions, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass Happy 1st Birthday Nikolai Kolenich
(Mom & Dad)

A, a, a! Now comes the merry May;
Gone is all the wintry weather,
Spring and blossoms come together;
A, a, a! Now comes the merry May.

Those of you fortunate enough to attend last Sunday’s “Spring in Poetry and Song” (following an excellent Spaghetti dinner) will have had a head start to May with the sweet childrens’ song performed by our Kindergarten class. This is indeed the merry month of May, and may it be a Mary month for you as well.
Well, the children sang sweetly, didn’t they? Give yourself a treat, why don’t you, and surprise God by coming to an 11:25 AM Mass one day this week, and be edified and uplifted by the angelic chant of children which surrounds the Holy Sacrifice. The children also sing a little May Devotion every school afternoon at 3:10 PM. Make this most beautiful month even more so by your devotion in church and at home. Oh, and don’t forget the family May Altar, another beautiful custom.
This is it – the last week for the Jog-A-Thon. There is still time to do a little asking and collecting to make this fund raiser a resounding success. See you on Saturday!
Well, actually I hope to see you Friday evening as well for abbreviated pilgrimage to Our Lady of Consolation. What comfort she holds out to us.
Let us go to her and plead. She will hear and help.
I heard recently from Vivian Wainright, a former parishioner who moved away a few years ago. She misses us all, and misses St. Gertrude.
Please keep her and her health, as well as granddaughter Angela in your prayers. She thinks of us often, and prays for us.
May the Holy Cross be your protection, and Great St. Joseph your patron.
-Bishop Dolan