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Fifth Sunday After Easter

Visit the breviary.net website discussed by Fr. Cekada in his sermon today.

We highly recommend traditionalcatholicsermons.org. Visit this website for a great collection of sermons from a variety of traditional priests.

Mon 5/18/09 Rogation Day, St. Venantius, M
11:00 AM Lesser Litanies Procession
11:25 AM High Mass Austin Joseph Hoang
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (Gerry Keaveney Family)

Tues 5/19/09 Rogation Day, St. Peter Celestine, PC
St. Prudentiana, VM
11:25 AM High Mass Special Intention (Beth Brueggemann)
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:45 PM Lesser Litanies Procession
6:30 PM High Mass All Saints for the Intentions of the Church and
our Church

Wed 5/20/09 Rogation Day, Vigil of the Ascension
St. bernadine of Siena, C,
11:00 AM Lesser Litanies Procession
11:25 AM High Mass Fr. Ramolla Happy Easter (John Seyfried)
2:30 PM First Vespers of the Ascension
3:10 PM May Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Happy Birthday Dominic W. & Daniel B.
(B. Simpson)

Thur 5/21/09 Ascension Thursday
6:30 AM Low Mass 1st Anniversary Death of Alberta Courter (Andrew J.
8:30 AM Confessions
9:00 AM High Mass Special Intention in Honor of the Holy Face and
Dr. Jesus
5:15 PM Confessions/Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass For those who helped us move
(The Duff Family) May Devotions and Benediction
7:15 PM Compline

Fri 5/22/09 Within the Octave, St. Rita of Cascia, W
Opening of the Triduum to St. Rita of Cascia
Opening of the Novena to the Holy Ghost
11:15 AM Confessions
11:25 AM Low Mass †Patrick O’Connor (Janet Clementi)
5:15 PM Confessions, Rosary, May Devotions
5:45 PM Low Mass Bishop Dolan Happy Easter (John Seyfried)
Novena, Benediction and Confessions

Sat 5/23/09 Within the Octave,
Our Lady Queen of the Apostles
St. john the Baptist de Rossi, C
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass Happy Birthday Dad (Jacinta Simpson)
8:00 AM Sermon and Low Mass Pro-Life Cause (Rosary Confraternity)
10:00 AM Rosary at Mt. Auburn Abortuary

Sun 5/24/09 Sunday within the octave of the Ascension
7:30 AM Low Mass †Mother Roseanne Cooley (Mr. & Mrs. V.
9:00 AM High Mass Janet Sniezek (Robert Wnek)
10:30 AM Adult Education and Catechism Classes
11:30 AM Low Mass 21st Anniversary Elmer J. Gates (Loraine Gates)
1:10 PM Early Vespers, May Devotions, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude

The angels are bringing us rain, lots of rain, as I write this on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. We’ll probably be doing our rosary indoors, I think. This is good, as it makes the prayer so much more powerful before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed.
Fr. Ramolla fractured his forearm the other day. Please pray for a good and thorough recovery for this busy priest. Fr. Ramolla is in Milwaukee today, and I am in Columbus, with Fr. McGuire here for confessions, along with Fr. Cekada, who has now completed his seminary course for the school year. Our school year here is winding down as well, and we are planning our Baccalaureate Mass for Trinity Sunday.
We had more participants in our Jog-a-thon this year than last, and more fun! What a pleasant gathering – simple and full of life. The picnic at “Gerry’s place” was enjoyable too. Thanks to all who worked so hard, harder than last year, to make it work. We’ll hear the results, and receive lots of rewards, on Pentecost, May 31st. I don’t know about you, but I certainly was tired that Saturday afternoon. I admire the stamina of those who managed shopping afterwards, or moving the Kunkels into their new home.
Last year we were still collecting for the convento. Now it is almost finished. Thank you so much for your support. We are laying a path to the Lourdes Grotto, and doing a bit more landscaping on the grounds.
Reverend Mr. Julian Larrabee will be ordained a priest at Queen of Martyrs Church in Detroit on Wednesday morning, July 1st. Plan to attend this moving ceremony if you are able.
Keep up your May Altars this week, and keep your prayers going up to Heaven.
God Bless you! -Bishop Dolan