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Also listen to Bp. Dolan’s Pentecost Vigil sermon: “Enkindle in Us the Fire of Thy Love”

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Mon 6/1/09 Pentecost Monday
11:25 AM High Mass Baby’s safe delivery (Scott & Jennifer Richesson)
5:00 PM Low Mass Special Intention M & B (G.P.K)

Tues 6/2/09 Pentecost Tuesday
11:25 AM Solemn Requiem High Mass and Funeral Services, Mrs. Anne McMahon, RIP
5:00 PM Low Mass Special Intention F.M. (G.P.K.)

Wed 6/3/09 Ember Wednesday, Day of fast and partial abstinence
St. Kevin, C
6:30 AM Low Mass †Norbert Heakman (Deceased 5/2/09)
(Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Heakman)
11:25 AM High Mass Albert & Norma Droleskey
(Thomas & Sharon Droleskey)
5:00 PM Low Mass Elizabeth Miller (Robert Wnek)

Thur 6/4/09 Pentecost Thursday
St. Francis Caracciolo, C
11:25 AM High Mass Alter Christus
5:00 PM Low Mass Fr. Cekada – Happy Easter (John Seyfried)

Fri 6/5/09 First Friday
Ember Friday Day of fast and abstinence St. Boniface, BpM
10:45 AM Confessions
11:25 AM High Mass Mrs. Doris Ritze – Happy Mom’s Day (Dennis &
Jeanne Hille) Benediction
5:15 PM Confessions, Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass The Tim & Eileen Duff Family (Bernie B. )
Exposition, Novena and First Friday Devotions, Confessions
6:45 PM Parish Potluck Dinner
7:30 PM Parish Rosary Confraternity Holy Hour
All Night Adoration

Sat 6/6/09 First Saturday
Ember Saturday Day of fast and partial abstinence
St. Norbert, BpC
6:30 AM Low Mass Fr. Ramolla (Paul & Karen Puglielli)
7:10 AM First Saturday Devotions, Rosary
7:40 AM Benediction
8:00 AM Low Mass Special Intention (Dan Beaven) Confessions

Sun 6/7/09 Trinity Sunday
7:30 AM Low Mass Anne Duff (Robert Duff)
9:00 AM High Mass St. Gertrude the Great Baccalaureate Mass for our
school, teachers and graduates, Reception follows
11:30 AM Low Mass Special Intention (Mr. & Mrs. Capetillo)
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude

These busy, blessed days of late Spring at St. Gertrude the Great seem to reach their high point this weekend with Confirmation, the Vigil of Pentecost and Pentecost itself, and the closing of the month of May. Tomorrow we turn our hearts to the Sacred Heart, and our May altars into Home Enthronement Sacred Heart Altars. First Friday of June, as Monday and Tuesday of Pentecost, are days of special observance. Soon it will be time for school graduation, First Holy Communion, and the end of the year at St. Gertrude the Great with the great feast of the Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi.
I noticed last First Friday that we had, for the first time, more souls at the morning than at the evening Mass. I am glad, then, that Benediction and devotions accompany this Mass as well. Come to either Mass, but do come! Remember All Night Adoration, and watch and pray with us before our God. Different times and kinds of services should appeal to different souls. But I appeal to all of you to answer the appeal of the Sacred Heart; “Love me, at least you.”
It is always sad to see mothers in cars during May devotions rather than in church. A little imagination, or perhaps preparation is all it takes to honor the Blessed Mother and give children a good example. Why miss a single opportunity?
What kind of an example do our habitual late comers to the 11:30 Sunday Mass give to the children? Fr. Ramolla (sidelined last Sunday) remarked how sad it was to see so many trailing in late. The later the Mass, the more late comers there are, perhaps counting on missing the sermon. This, too, is pitiful. If you do not appreciate what you have, you will lose it, as did the Catholics during the changes. May the Holy Ghost inspire you with a burning love for our faith, our Mass, and our Blessed Mother.
Fr. Ramolla is making a nice recovery now, and I thank you for your prayers. Thanks, too, to Fr. Ercoli for being with us these days of Pentecost to replace Fr. Ramolla.
Thanks to all who helped with Confirmation, and the nice reception we had yesterday. Please pray for our new Soldiers of Christ, and for the many, many deserters from His army over the years. Thanks for this spiritual help, inspired by the Spirit of God’s Love.
A Blessed Pentecost, and a wonderful Sacred Heart June to you all!
-Bishop Dolan