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Solemnity of Corpus Christi

In a sense, this Sunday is the “Feast of Feasts,” truly the Feast of God as the French name it. Corpus Christi, the Blessed Sacrament, sums up all the marvelous works of God; Easter, Christmas and Good Friday. Our grateful adoration blends with triumphant exultation as we process out doors. Who is not touched by the First Communions? Who is not called to kneel quietly in the beautiful Throne Room of our God?
Many thanks to our usual cast of hard workers who make this day possible, as well as to participants who pray, and parents who work with teachers to prepare the little ones.
Good, or bad example always has an effect. May the young ladies who have begun dressing more modestly for Holy Communion inspire others as well.
One or two men have been hold outs against the traditional dress code of a Sunday jacket and tie. With the warm weather, more have followed their poor example. Last week, an otherwise devout young man dispensed with his tie as well. Soon we will be back to T-shirts and jeans. Not! Men and boys, we are a traditional Catholic Church, and do not apologize for insisting on this point of appropriate dress. If you wish to worship with us, you must wear a jacket and tie. If you refuse, you will be asked not to return.
Such stubbornness when it comes to a little sign of respect is truly disturbing. Would we all imitated these men, though, when it comes to standing out in the crowd, and refusing to go along…..with sin, or insisting upon the full hearted practice of our Faith. Even bad example can serve a good purpose. But let us give a good example to each other, and our little children, even as we give our very best to God.
May God bless you on this last Sunday of our season, and watch over you and yours this summer. Grow, grow in the love of God and the practice of our Catholic Faith. Remember, there is no vacation from a vocation, and we are all called to be saints.
May Jesus in the Sacred Heart be your joy. -Bishop Dolan