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Sunday within the Octave of the Sacred Heart

Mon 6/22/09 St. Paulinus of Nola, BpC
Ss. Vitus & Comp
8:00 AM Low Mass Fr. Ramolla for his recovery (M/M Joseph Praschak)
5:00 PM Low Mass Blessed Feast Day Paulina (The Fathers)

Tue 6/23/09 Within the Octave
Vigil of St. John the Baptist
8:00 AM Low Mass Marty Lierl 91st B-day (Bob Brueggemann) Second
Tuesday of St. Anthony
5:30 PM Second Tuesday of St. Anthony
5:45 PM High Mass My Mom & Dad (Rich Vande Ryt)
6:45 PM First Vespers of St. John the Baptist
7:30 PM BBQ & Potluck Supper
9:00 PM Lighting and Blessing of St. John’s Bonfire A marshmallow
roast, songs and stories!

Wed 6/24/09 Nativity of St. John the Baptist
11:25 AM High Mass Purgatorian Society
5:00 PM Low Mass Health of Fr. William Holley (Janet Clementi)

Thur 6/25/09 St. William, AB Within the Octave
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
8:00 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (The McClorey Family)
5:00 PM Low Mass In honor of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
5:45 PM Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Eucharistic Heart of
Jesus Devotions, Benediction
Fri 6/26/09 Octave Day of the Sacred Heart
Ss. John & Paul, Mm
8:00 AM Low Mass Antero Tintinaglia (Fabio Tintinaglia)
5:15 PM Confessions, Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass In honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help for Anne
Marie, Patrick and Paddy Omlor Opening of Triduum to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Novena & Benediction
7:00 PM Mothers Union: Spiritual talk for all ladies of parish

Sat 6/27/09 Vigil of Ss Peter & Paul
Within the Octave Our Lady of Perpetual Help
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass ProLife cause (Rosary Confraternity)
8:00 AM Triduum to the Mother of Perpetual Help
8:15 AM Low Mass In honor of Mother of Perpetual Help and for relief
of all the faithful departed (Patrick Omlor) Confessions

Sun 6/28/09 Pentecost IV St. Irenaeus, BpM
Within the Octave
7:30 AM Low Mass Special Intention (Kathleen Schweitzer)
9:00 AM High Mass For the many hats you wear Mr. Lotarski (St.
Gertrude School)
11:30 AM Low Mass In honor of O.L of Good Counsel for Mario Derksen
4:45 PM First Vespers of Ss. Peter & Paul, Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude

Two of the many blessings our unpleasant weather provides are that of making us really appreciate the sun when it does return for a brief visit, as well as making us pray for relief sometimes. Many Hail Marys were said to the Infant, Our Lady and St. Scholastica when the rain drops started to fall last Sunday morning. Sure enough, “the sun shone bright” as the hymn puts it, when we carried the Son of God out in procession on Corpus Christi Sunday. Deo Gratias!

Several people commented on the perfection of last Sunday’s First Communion, and everyone was moved at its beauty. I thank everyone who made so beautiful a day possible for Jesus Hostia and His little First Communicants– The music, the flowers, the procession, and does not the beautiful Lourdes grotto make a perfect spot for outdoor Benediction? Fr. Cekada was afraid he would fall in the pond, but he didn’t. More perfection!

The sun came out again during dear Joyce Rentschler’s funeral, and greeted us like a long lost friend when we left the church. I must thank many kind souls for arranging the hall for the wake, the flowers, the dinner, the Requiem High Mass, the burial and clean up.
We will certainly miss Joyce who was a treasured member of our church family, and are praying for a replacement for her at Friday evening Novena and Benediction.

The day of Joyce’s funeral was also a happy day for a dear friend of hers and ours, Bea Lutkehaus, who celebrated her 90th birthday. Happy Birthday, Bea!

Believe it or not, Joyce used to actually take notes during the Sunday sermon. She had a great thirst for knowledge of God. Never miss a sermon on purpose. Always sit very quietly during the sermon, particularly if you are near the pulpit with little children. Pray for the preacher sometimes.

Our Students’ Summer Blessed Sacrament Society has gotten off to an excellent start, as all of the little monstrances on the poster indicate. What a beautiful and continuing gift to our good God, to give Him His Son in the sacrifice of the Mass, and then to receive Him!

I hope to see many of you for St. John’s Eve, which was such a hit last year. I hope our mothers, and all ladies of St. Gertrude, will come by for some spiritual refreshment Friday evening. Read your bulletin. This is a busy week at church.

God bless and St. Joseph keep all of our fathers. We appreciate all you do, and promise our respect, gratitude and love.

May the Sacred Heart reign as King of love in your home!

-Bishop Dolan