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Pentecost IV

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

I am grateful to Fr. McGuire for his visit and help with confessions today. Tomorrow we welcome two old friends for a brief visit, Fr. Siordia and Fr. Mardones who are coming for the ordination.
St. John’s Eve enabled many of our faithful properly to keep the feast of a great saint, too often neglected. We began with the purple penitential Mass of the Vigil, and then switched to the golden First Vespers of the Precursor, with its beautiful poetry and historical hymn. Refreshments awaited in the cloister afterwards, thanks to our school principal, Mark Lotarski, who prepared tasty hot dogs on the grill with excellent relish. It turned our to be a real family night, and everyone enjoyed the blessed fire, the poetry, the songs and the company of the children.
We had an interesting little class after the blessing of the fire. Twice now one of our extraordinary First Communicants have given me an answer which I first thought was incorrect, but later realized was profound. “Who are we waiting for?” I asked, thinking of Christ’s Nativity. Paddy told us we were waiting for the Holy Ghost, and really we are, if you think of it. I’m glad we have thoughtful children. Heidi said something interesting like this at the Recollection Day.
Well, this week we are waiting for a new priest, Fr. Larrabee, who will be joining us as an assistant and a teacher in our school this fall. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as all of the clergy who will be traveling to his ordination for the Feast of the Precious Blood. A new priest! How many more times will the chalice of salvation now be offered and consumed to God’s glory! Keep Bp. Sanborn and his Seminary in your prayers.
If you’ll be in town over the Independence Day weekend, please come to Mass and Adoration as usual. The needs are too great, the stakes to high, to forgo the strength and solace of our accustomed prayers. This is the time of the year to pray for both Church and country. Be there!
Thanks for being there, and helping us do so much as a parish. May the Precious Blood mark your family for protection, and save us all!
–Bishop Dolan