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Pentecost VII

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Fr. Ramolla leaves this evening for his German trip, and Fr. Palma continues with us for the rest of the month. Fr. Saavedra, who did such an excellent job hosting the ordination earlier this month, has been working very hard as well to prepare the Boys’ Camp. We welcome him tomorrow, and promise our grateful prayers for the success of this wonderful apostolate. Fr. Saavedra has established his Knights of the Sacred Heart in Detroit as well, but we hope he will continue to visit his first Knights here in West Chester!

Today, I am offering Mass for some of our faithful in New Mexico. It seems we have Mass deprived yet faithful Catholics all around the country. We must do our best to attend to their needs. Bishop Sanborn, busy as he is running a seminary, has devoted much time to Missions of late. He and his priests are going to North Carolina, Atlanta and Phoenix, to mention just a few. May St. Christopher watch over all of our priests and their travels.

If you are traveling over a Sunday, be sure to check with us for a good Mass. Unfortunately, in addition to the false, new mass of the Novus Ordo, some version of the True Mass is offered sacrilegiously by priests who are part of the One-World Church, and invalidly by priests ordained the new way. Please stay in touch with us before you go, and most of all pray for the restoration of Holy Mother Church.

We are hoping to see the completion soon of our Convento San Marco, which will comfortably house our young priests and visitors, as well as finally provide a proper size kitchen for our meals together. Thank you for your interest, support and even physical help to get this house built. Thanks, too, for sending in delicious meals.

Today is the feast of the patron saint of charity, St. Vincent De Paul. May he bless and increase your works of mercy and Jesus be your reward!

-Bishop Dolan

Mon 7/20/09 St. Jerome Emilian, C
St. Margaret, VM
8:00 AM Low Mass Special Intention (Becky & H.O. Hinton)

Tue 7/21/09 St. Praxedes, V
St. Daniel the Prophet
6:30 AM Low Mass †Jim Peter – Birthday Remembrance
(C. Simpson Family)
9:00 AM Low Mass Bishop Dolan’s Intentions
(Joseph & Maria Webster)
Sixth Tuesday of St. Anthony

Wed 7/22/09 St. Mary Magdalen, Penitent
8:00 AM Low Mass Vili Lehtoranta – priestly vocation
(Kirby & Jean Bischel)

Thur 7/23/09 St. Apollinaris, BpM
St. Liborius, BpC
8:00 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (Patrick & Marie Omlor)

Fri 7/24/09 Vigil of St. James
St. Christina, VM
St. Francis Solano, C
8:00 AM Low Mass Repose of the soul of Mrs. Rosemary Dolan (Tim
Hopkins) Confessions
5:15 PM Confessions/Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass †My Dad, William LeBrun, Birthday
(Joan Landry) Novena & Benediction, Opening of the Triduum of St. Anne

Sat 7/25/09 St. James the Greater, Ap
St. Christopher
Our Lady Mother of Mercy
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass †John H. Harris – Father, Birthday
(William H. Harris) Triduum of St. Anne
8:00 AM Sermon and High Mass Pro-Life Cause
(Rosary Confraternity)
For the Devotions of the 15 Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary meditate on the Finding in the Temple

Sun 7/26/09 St. Anne, Mother of Our Lady
Pentecost VIII
7:30 AM Low Mass A Blessed Feast Day to all of our Anne’s
and all of our grandmothers (Bishop Dolan)
9:00 AM High Mass In Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary
(Anne Lotarski)
11:30 AM Low Mass Mark & Geri Lorensen 34th Anniversary (Marianne
1:10 PM Vespers of St. Anne and Benediction
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude