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St. Anne

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

This summer we received a lovely legacy left us for our Building Fund in the will of John and Helen Jackson. John and Helen were married at our church, and Helen buried from St. Gertrude as well. Many of you will remember them from the 11:30 crowd years ago, and some kindly continued to visit John until his death last year. Pray for them now as our benefactors as well.

Do you have a will? Many don’t, because they put off this important work until too late. But we should prepare for death! A sense of charity for one’s own soul (Masses) as well as one’s family should inspire you all to attend to this duty now. Don’t leave your estate to pass through probate. They say cheap internet wills may be written for as little as $25. This duty is all the more pressing for parents of minor children. You should designate a guardian for your children in the case of your death, a guardian who will raise your children the right way. Think about this, and pray over it, and put it off no longer. And of course, remember St. Gertrude the Great Church in your will. There are many edifying wills left by saints. The generosity of the deceased has made possible our new church and school. Pray for our benefactors, and plan to become one. But first, take care of your own soul and family by taking care of your will.

On our Catholic Grandmother’s Day we should pause to remember our own with love, and resolve to pray for them at every Mass. But St. Anne is also invoked by mother’s hoping to conceive a child and by young ladies looking for a suitable Catholic husband. May Good St. Anne be very honored today.

May St. Christopher go home with you today, and accompany you on all your travels!

-Bishop Dolan

Mon 7/27/09 St. Pantaleon, M
St. Elias the Prophet
8:00 AM Requiem High Mass and Absolution
†Mary Ruth Bryant (Mr. & Mrs. H.O. Hinton)
5:00 PM Low Mass †Poor Souls of My Family & Friends
(Rich VandeRyt)

Tue 7/28/09 St. Nazarius & Celsus, Mm
Victor I, PM
Innocent I, PC
8:00 AM Low Mass †Charles & Eleanor Richardson
(M/M Mark Lotarski)
Seventh Tuesday of St. Anthony
5:00 PM Low Mass Becky Mattingly’s Children
(Connie Kamphaus)
Seventh Tuesday of St. Anthony

Wed 7/29/09 St. Martha, V
St. Felix II, PM
Ss. Simplicius & Companions, Mm
6:30 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (S. Kurtz for Frances Morris)
8:00 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (Karen & Paul Puglielli)
5:00 PM Low Mass Special Intention MBC (GPK)

Thur 7/30/09 Ss. Abdon & Sennen, Mm
8:00 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (F. Amico)
5:00 PM Low Mass †Repose of soul – Joyce Rentschler
(Janet Clementi)

Fri 7/31/09 St. Ignatius
8:00 AM Low Mass †Joyce Rentschler (Gary Amyx) Confessions
Men’s Evening of Recollection
5:15 PM Confessions/Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass Special Intention – Deceased (Patrick Omlor) Novena
& Benediction
7:00 PM Spiritual Talk for Men of the Parish
Sat 8/1/09 First Saturday
St. Peter’s Chains
The Holy Machabees
7:15 AM Confessions
7:30 AM Low Mass Special Intention FM (GPK)
8:00 AM Sermon and High Mass Intentions of Tim & Eileen Duff Happy
Anniversary (Mike Briggs Family)
For the Devotions of the 15 Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary meditate on the Agony in the Garden

Sun 8/2/09 Pentecost IX
St. Alphonsus Liguori, BpCD
St. Stephen I, PM
7:30 AM Low Mass Special Intention – Reverend Daniel
Themann (Mr. & Mrs. Victor Ritze)
9:00 AM High Mass For the People of St. Gertrude
11:30 AM Low Mass †Joyce Rentschler (F. Amico)
5:45 PM Low Mass †Thomas N. Morris (S. & C. Niehaus)