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Pentecost IX

zelusdomustuaeBishop’s Corner

Word is that the Boys’ Camp turned out very well! I certainly thank Fr. Saavedra, very busy now as pastor of Queen of Martyrs in Detroit, and Fr. Palma, who is preparing for his first pastorate at Our Lady of the Sun in Phoenix. In addition to our wonderful young priests, I thank the dads and all who helped, especially my good friend Chuck Bellavia, who accompanied Fr. Saavedra from Detroit.

Working with our youth is just so very important. Let us ask the Holy Child Jesus to bless this apostolate, and St. Philomena to favor the Girls’ Camp which opens tomorrow.

Fr. Cekada and I had a restful time in New Mexico. It was relaxing to be away from the routine for a few days, but it’s always good to be home as well. Fr. Ramolla was delayed by government red tape in getting away, and I understand he had a rather gruesome trip to Germany, with further delays. Let’s hope he gets a chance for a good rest and home visit. Fr.
Ramolla kindly accompanied Bishop Sanborn last Sunday for a short visit to Fr. Trytek in Poland, where fidelity under difficult circumstances is admirable.

Today we welcome newly ordained Fr. Julian Larrabee of California to St. Gertrude the Great. Fr. Larrabee will be with us as a teacher in our growing school, as well as an assistant here and at St. Clare. Please introduce yourself to our newest priest, and make him feel welcome. We will schedule a Solemn High “First” Mass for Fr. Larrabee later this month.

Part of the charming story of Wednesday’s feast of Our Lady of the Snows is that of an older devout couple who wished to leave their money to the Blessed Mother. This makes me think of John and Helen Jackson who remembered St. Gertrude very generously in their will. We will be offering Mass for them on Wednesday. Do pray for them, and all of our benefactors.

Remember Thursday is Transfiguration Day, a day of faith and adoration leading in to First Friday, and All Night Adoration. Soon mid August will be here, with the Assumption and our Children’s Day. Already we are planning our new school year. Life itself passes quickly. Think of your life, and of your death, each day, but do it in a prayerful way. This is a St. Alphonsus kind of thought with which I leave you. Save your soul!

-Bishop Dolan

Mon 8/3/09 Girls’ Camp
Finding of St. Stephen, Protmartyr
9:00 AM Low Mass Intentions of Dale & Debbie Wilker
(Katie Bischak)
5:00 PM Low Mass Doctor Mary Ann (Bernie B.)

Tue 8/4/09 Girls’ Camp
St. Dominic, C
9:00 AM Low Mass †Thomas E. Simpson 56th Anniversary
(Tom & Stella Simpson)
3:30 PM St. Philomena Cord Enrollment
Rosary and Closing Benediction
5:00 PM Low Mass Children – in – laws – grandchildren, that they
persevere in the Catholic Church (Kirby & Jean Bischel)

Wed 8/5/09 Dedication of Our Lady of the Snows
6:30 AM Low Mass Estrella C. Abella 24th Anniversary 7/7
(Tom & Stella Simpson)
8:00 AM Low Mass †John & Helen Jackson
5:00 PM Low Mass Dad (Megan & Bree)

Thur 8/6/09 First Thursday The Transfiguration
Ss. Xystius II, P & Companions, Mm
8:00 AM High Mass Special Intention
4:30 PM Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
First Thursday Holy Hour Devotions
5:00 PM Low Mass Altar Christus before the Blessed Sacrament
Exposed, 5:45 PM Benediction

Fri 8/7/09 First Friday St. Cajetan, C, St. Donatus, BpM
Triduum to the Curé of Ars
10:45 AM Confessions
11:25 AM Low Mass †Bill Bendel 1st Anniversary 7/31
(Pat Bendel) Benediction
5:15 PM Confessions/Rosary
5:45 PM Low Mass †Sister Olive Month’s Mind (Duff Family)
Exposition, First Friday Devotions and Novena
Adoration Continues All Night
6:45 PM – Parish Potluck Supper
7:30 PM Parish Rosary Confraternity Holy Hour

Sat 8/8/09 Ss. Cyriacus, Largus & Smaragdus, Mm
Vigil of St. Lawrence, Fourteen Holy Helpers
6:30 AM Low Mass †Rosemary Dolan (The Wanke Family)
7:10 AM Rosary and Triduum to the Curé of Ars
7:40 AM Benediction
8:00 AM Low Mass Mary Ann Wozny (Kirby & Jean Bischel)
For the Devotions of the 15 Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary meditate on the Scourging at the Pillar

Sun 8/9/09 Pentecost X
St. John Vianney, C, St. Romanus, M, St. Emigdius, BpM
7:30 AM Low Mass For the conversion of my father (Paul
9:00 AM High Mass Mr. Bernie Brueggemann – Many Thanks (Addie,
Madison, Emma Wilker)
11:30 AM Low Mass †Joyce Rentschler (Gus & Sue Kurtz)
5:45 PM Low Mass For the People of St. Gertrude